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Go Mobile with SimplyBook.me Mobile Apps – for Users and Clients

Amie Parnaby
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SimplyBook.me Mobile apps

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We are all busy people these days, and most of us spend more time organising our lives and work through mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. The convenience has made sitting at a desk all day unnecessary and working while on the go easy. However, it’s only easy as long as the software you use is compatible and convenient to use on a mobile device. It makes sense that you should be able to manage your business’s day-to-day running through an app and that your clients can do the same. So why not go mobile with SimplyBook.me mobile apps?

The Simplybook.me scheduling system uses mobile apps to facilitate access to scheduling management for your business and making mobile appointment booking a breeze for your clients.

Business Management – with the Mobile Admin App

If you’re not already using the mobile app for SimplyBook.me, you really ought to start.  

It is a common thread among SimplyBook.me users that the Admin app is a well-used and loved feature of the system. It streamlines access to booking information and management without needing access to a computer, desk or even being onsite. 

What Can You do on the Mobile Admin App?

Calendar overview on mobile apps

Without a doubt, you can’t do everything from a mobile screen. Have you ever tried reconciling spreadsheet data on a tablet screen? It’s not fun. However, making the most of a system that can let you organise day to day business management is one way you can take your SimplyBook.me system out of the office.

So let’s see what the app can do to keep you mobile and unchained from the computer.

From a managerial viewpoint, you need to keep tabs on everything. Who is due to arrive, new bookings that have just been made and ensure that your business is flowing as it should. 

  • See a calendar overview.  The calendar overview lets you see what you have coming up and how your day or week is looking at a glance. The calendar overview can tell you if you have a busy time ahead or if you need to give some of your regular clients a little nudge with some targeted marketing.
  • See upcoming and recent bookings. It’s all very well checking your schedule at the beginning of the working day. Still, if your booking system allows people to book less than 24 hours in advance, you can always be caught off-guard by a last-minute appointment that you didn’t expect. 
  • View individual bookings.  While it’s nice to have an overview of your schedule, you can’t run a successful business without paying attention to the details. You can see individual bookings, check facts and make comments on the booking.
  • Add or adjust appointments. While ideally, you want your clients to make their appointments online, you sometimes get a last-minute call or a change in details you need to change for the client. Create new bookings and make adjustments while you’re on the go.
  • Add new clients on the go, or edit the current ones. If you require your users to create a login or restrict self-booking to those who have been to you v=before, you might have to create a new client listing on your system. With the Admin app, you can do it whenever and wherever you are 
  • Scan tickets upon arrival. With scannable tickets, the mobile admin app also becomes a simple handheld ticket scanner, enabling you to scan both physical and phone screen tickets with the mobility of a phone and the convenience of having it with you all the time.

Who can Use the Mobile Admin App?

Multiple users on their mobile apps

It’s fine having incredible access to your business admin, but it could get tricky if everyone uses the same app. That’s why it’s essential to understand that everyone can manage their own schedules. They have their own version of the admin app for your business.

The manager will have admin-level access to all levels of the scheduling system, whether on computers or mobile apps on their phone. They need to; they can’t have a practical overview of the business without that access. But you don’t want to let everyone have access to that information and the ability to make changes.

Everyone has appropriate access to the system, from the top of the management hierarchy to the junior who only works weekends. That access translates to the user login each staff member uses to log in to the admin app. Managers see and have edit access to everything while senior staff and supervisors see only their work and their subordinates’. Likewise, junior users only have access to their workload and schedule.

Everyone can manage their own schedule with the admin app on their mobile device.

Booking Made Easy – With Client Mobile Apps

While mobile business management is a pretty crucial tool for you and your internal admin uses, you might not have considered how valuable a booking app is for your clients. If you have regular and frequent appointments with your clients, a booking app they can download is beneficial to their booking ease. It’s also a marketing tool for ensuring clients come back to you.

Many businesses contemplate having mobile apps but stop when faced with the costs involved for development, maintenance, and admin. 

Fortunately, SimplyBook.me uses the inherent structure of the system to create a standard app that is customised to your business and booking system without the hassle of creating a proprietary app. 

Your clients will need to visit your booking website on their mobile devices. From there, the website will offer them the option to download the app onto their mobile.

Install the client app

Stand Out and Be Seen!

Having a mobile client app is not just about making it easier for your clients to book with you. It’s a statement, a marketing tool, and an investment in your future – no one needs to know that it’s part of the SimplyBook.me package. With a personalised app, you look more professional – more so than having a website. 

Increase Client Engagement with an App

Since a client app with secure access can only work with a client login if a client chooses to download your app, they opt-in to connect with your business.  With push notifications available for Android users, you can significantly increase the rate at which clients engage with you.

It’s a simple fact, people who actively download apps are more likely to engage with that brand.

What Can Your Clients Do with their Mobile Apps?

what can clients do with their mobile apps?

You might want to ask what you want clients to do with the app to make life easier for everyone?

  • Book, reschedule and cancel appointments.  While you don’t really want them to cancel, it’s better than calling and asking you to do it.
  • See upcoming bookings, booking history and past invoices. If you have regular business contact with clients and want to keep track of their invoices, this is ideal.
  • Purchase packages, gift cards and memberships.  You don’t just want clients to make ad hoc appointments with you. Let them buy their associated items, packages and renew their memberships. And let’s be honest, your services could make a great last-minute birthday or Christmas gift.
  • Access tickets online/offline. It’s easier than scanning through emails to get to the one with the ticket. Or even worse, printing the ticket only to lose it.
  • See contact details: phone number, email address and location.
  • Get push notifications for booking confirmations, reminders and changes (Android only)
  • Edit their profile information. Sometimes, people just don’t think about the fact that they changed their phone number or address. Putting that edit access in their hands when it’s convenient for them is so much better.
  • See company information

Get Smart and Go Mobile with Apps

Offer clients your personalised client app to book your services. Download the admin app to manage your business on the go. There really isn’t any reason not to, and so much to gain for implementing it.

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