Friday Feature: Adjusting Wording on your Booking Page

So you set up your own beautiful booking site and it works perfectly. But did you know you can fully customize all wording on Headings, buttons, and anywhere else on the page?

For example: does your booking page look like this now? Check how to change it in a few steps, or scroll down for the video

You can adjust any text on your booking page in Settings // General Settings // Custom Translations.




So now it looks like this:

changing wording

Want to see what else you can change to customize your booking site to fit your business?
Watch the video below.

Which Friday Feature would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments!

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One thought on “Friday Feature: Adjusting Wording on your Booking Page”

  1. I am requesting once again the ability to accept Deposits for Service. If you type a google search for “online booking system that takes deposits” you are going to find several companies that have the functionality to accept either a fixed amount or a percentage of the full amount of the service to be billed when checking out. They also give the option to pay the full amount as well.

    The programming it to allow a field to accept a Deposit Amount (ex. $50.00) which would be deducted from the Service Amount (ex $250). The payment would be $50 thru a payment processor and the balance due would be $200 which would be collected manually outside of Simplbook me when the service is completed. You should also all the ability to pay the full amount as well. The Deposit amount could also be a Percentage Amount (ex. 10%) of the Service Amount which would be deducted and charged and the balance due would be collected manually. In either case, a notice is sent to the client.

    The ability to go back into Simplybook me to manually change the balance due as paid would be good as well with a notice sent to the client.

    This is done all the time with other booking systems – I LOVE your system – PLEASE – I beg you – create this functionality. You would have the number one system if you did this – you have all of the other functionality that is needed – why don’t you get this function??

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