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Foxes Farm Fields: Booking Ease with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Foxes Farm Fields

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Foxes Farm Fields offers a unique dog walking experience with its exclusive, enclosed fields across multiple locations in the UK. By using SimplyBook.me’s features, they give dog owners a secure and personalised service, ensuring pets can safely enjoy off-lead freedom. This service is tailored to meet the needs of all dogs and their owners, providing them with spacious, secure areas for enjoyable outdoor activities.

Multiple Locations

Offering convenience at every turn, Foxes Farm Fields, with its beautiful facilities in Upminster, Colne Engaine, Great Bromley, and Basildon, offers clients a variety of choices for their dog walking needs. The SimplyBook.me multiple locations feature simplifies this choice. Clients can easily browse and select the field location that best suits their convenience and preference.

Whether it’s proximity to home or a particular landscape, this feature ensures a hassle-free booking experience. Additionally, each location offers its unique charm and space, providing diverse environments for pets to explore and enjoy. This convenience enhances the overall customer experience, making dog walking a delight rather than a chore.

Service Add-Ons

Enhancing the client experience, Foxes Farm Fields cleverly utilises the Service Add-Ons feature to accommodate clients who wish to bring additional dogs. While the field hire includes up to three dogs, customers have the option to add more furry friends to their booking for a small fee. This flexibility is perfect for dog owners who either have more than three pets or wish to organise group dog walks.

The maximum limit is set at eight dogs, ensuring a safe and manageable environment for all. This thoughtful add-on not only caters to the needs of larger dog families but also maintains the quality and comfort of the experience for all visitors and their pets.


Providing value and flexibility, Foxes Farm Fields offers well-structured packages through SimplyBook.me, catering to diverse dog walking needs. Their packages include:

  • WEEKDAY – 10 Sessions for 1-3 Dogs: Offering 10 sessions at £11 per session, this package is for 1-3 dogs and is valid at all Foxes Farm Fields locations. It must be used within 6 months.
  • WEEKDAY – 10 Sessions for 4-8 Dogs: Similar to the first package but for 3-8 dogs, priced at £13 per session.
  • 20 Sessions for 1-3 Dogs: This extended package offers 20 sessions at a reduced rate of £8.50 per session.
  • 20 Sessions for 3-8 Dogs: Designed for larger groups, this package offers 20 sessions at £10.50 per session.

All these packages allow for the inclusion of additional dogs for a fee, with a maximum limit of 8 dogs, ensuring flexibility and affordability for regular dog walkers.

Appointment at Fixed Times

Streamlining the scheduling process, Foxes Farm Fields makes excellent use of the ‘Appointment at Fixed Times’ feature. This allows clients to book specific 55-minute slots for their dog walking sessions, ensuring a structured and predictable schedule.

This feature is especially useful for regular visitors who prefer to plan their dog walking routines in advance. It also helps in managing the flow of visitors to the fields, preventing overcrowding and ensuring each dog has ample space to roam freely.

Cancellation Policy

Foxes Farm Fields has a clear cancellation policy as part of their booking process on SimplyBook.me. They do not offer refunds for cancellations or no-shows to session bookings made by clients. However, they maintain a fair approach by providing full refunds if they need to close a field for any reason. In such cases, Foxes Farm Fields ensures timely communication with the field user or booker regarding the cancellation. This policy underlines their commitment to fairness and customer service while maintaining operational efficiency.

Client Login

Making booking management effortless, Foxes Farm Fields utilises the ‘Client Login’ feature for an enhanced user experience. This enables clients to easily manage their bookings, view past appointments, and rebook favorite sessions. The convenience of this feature streamlines the booking process for regular visitors, making it quick and effortless to arrange their dog walking visits.


Foxes Farm Fields, by integrating SimplyBook.me into their services, has transformed the way clients book and experience dog walking. With features like multiple locations, service add-ons, various packages, fixed-time appointments, and a straightforward cancellation policy, they’ve streamlined the booking process.

Additionally, the convenience of client login enhances the overall customer experience. This innovative approach not only simplifies operational aspects for Foxes Farm Fields but also ensures a hassle-free, enjoyable experience for every dog and owner visiting their fields.

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