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Ella Bella’s: Enhancing Children’s Pamper Experience with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Ella Bella's

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Ella Bella’s, nestled in the heart of Liverpool, UK, stands out as a children’s premier pamper parlour. It specialises in creating unforgettable pampering experiences for both the young and the young at heart. With packages tailored for tiny/teens to enjoy with friends or a special day out with mums, and exclusive girls’ nights for adults, Ella Bella’s has something for everyone. The use of SimplyBook.me enhances the booking experience, ensuring that organising a pamper session is as stress-free as the services offered.


At Ella Bella’s, client satisfaction is paramount. They utilise SimplyBook.me’s reviews feature to openly display client feedback. This not only helps new clients make informed decisions but also fosters a culture of transparency and continuous improvement. Positive reviews have become a cornerstone of Ella Bella’s reputation, attracting more clients to experience their exceptional services.

Gift Cards

The gift of relaxation is just a few clicks away with Ella Bella’s gift cards. Available through SimplyBook.me, these gift cards are perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because. They give the recipient the freedom to choose their preferred pampering experience, making each gift card a personal and thoughtful gesture.

Loyalty Points

Ella Bella’s rewards returning clients through a loyalty points system, encouraging them to keep coming back for more pampering. Each visit not only brings relaxation but also points towards future discounts. This system is a win-win, enhancing client retention while rewarding clients for their loyalty.

Service Categories

With a variety of pampering options, Ella Bella’s makes it easy for clients to navigate their services through well-organised categories. From spa treatments for teens to party pamper packages for children, clients can quickly identify and book the service that best fits their needs. This organisation streamlines the selection process, enhancing the overall booking experience.

Accept Deposits

Ella Bella’s policy of accepting deposits via SimplyBook.me secures each booking, ensuring that both parties honor the scheduled appointments. This approach reduces cancellations and no-shows, allowing the parlour to offer the best possible service to each client. It’s a simple yet effective way to manage appointments and respect everyone’s time.

Group Bookings

Planning a party or a group outing is hassle-free with Ella Bella’s group booking feature on SimplyBook.me. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, children’s pamper day, or just a fun day out, Ella Bella’s accommodates groups of all sizes, making every group event a unique and memorable experience.

Service Add-Ons

Customisation is at the heart of Ella Bella’s service offerings. Clients can enhance their pamper packages with various add-ons, ensuring each visit is personalised to their liking. From additional beauty treatments to special party favors, these add-ons allow clients to tailor their experience to perfection.

Client Login

Repeat clients appreciate the convenience of Ella Bella’s Client Login feature. It enables them to view their booking history, reschedule appointments, and keep their preferences up-to-date. This personal touch makes each booking smoother and more tailored to individual client needs, fostering a deeper connection between Ella Bella’s and its clientele.


Ella Bella’s use of SimplyBook.me is transforming the way pamper sessions are booked and enjoyed in Liverpool. By leveraging technology, they ensure that every aspect of the client experience is as relaxing and enjoyable as the treatments themselves. From the ease of finding and booking the perfect pampering package to enjoying the benefits of loyalty rewards, Ella Bella’s has set a new standard for pamper parlours everywhere.

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