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Exciting New Features & Updates from SimplyBook.me – February Edition!

Daena Skinner
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February Newsletter

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At SimplyBook.me, we continually strive to enhance our scheduling solution, aiming to streamline and boost the efficiency of your business operations. February buzzed with innovation and improvements, and we’re excited to unveil all the new features and updates we’ve implemented. Designed for small to medium-sized service businesses, these enhancements will make managing your appointments and business operations easier and more efficient. Let’s dive in!

WhatsApp Integration for Better Communication

We’ve added a field for companies (under company information in settings) to provide their WhatsApp phone number.  After adding that, your clients can see your WhatsApp number. It appears both on the booking website’s “Contact Us” block and within the Client App. This facilitates direct communication with clients through one of the most popular messaging apps.

whatsapp contact us on mobile

QuickBooks Integration for Hassle-Free Tax Management

After our recent launch, you can now export data directly to QuickBooks, complete with tax information. This streamlines your financial management and makes tax time a breeze.

tax integration for SBPay

Advanced Resource Management

With the Related Resources feature, you can now filter bookings in the Calendar to see those containing specific resources, offering better management and scheduling flexibility.

Marketing Suite and Service Duration Options

We’ve refreshed the look of our Marketing Suite page – we encourage you to take a look and make the most of the marketing tools we have to offer for your business to bloom.

simplybook.me marketing suite

Various fixes – required by users

We’ve addressed several user experience aspects, including fixing a client app service description issue, enabling junior employees to edit client records, improving invoice sharing in the admin app, correcting phone number errors on the client side, and more. We’ve also introduced features like a daily classes timeline for recurring services, export access for junior employees/viewers, and enhancements to group and multiple bookings in widgets.

API and Registration Email Updates

For those adding clients via API, we now offer the option to skip sending the registration email, streamlining the process.

SBPay and SumUp Enhancements

We’ve upgraded datepickers across the SBPay interface for better convenience and integrated the SumUp payment gateway with OAuth authentication, offering you more flexibility in processing payments.

We’ve noticed that some of our clients’ Instagram photos are not displaying on their booking websites. After investigating, we found that Meta has updated its policy on token acceptance, affecting the integration.

Quick Fix: Reauthorise Your Instagram

To resolve this and get your Instagram gallery back up and running, please follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Custom Features section in the admin interface.
  • Click on “Activated” to view your active features.
  • Locate the “Instagram Photo Sharing” feature.
  • Click on “Authorisation” to reestablish the connection with your Instagram account.

After completing these steps, your Instagram photos should once again be visible on your booking website. We apologise for any inconvenience and are here to assist you if you encounter any issues during this process.


That’s all for our February updates. These updates are part of our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive, user-friendly scheduling solution. We’re excited for you to experience these enhancements and look forward to your feedback.

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As always, thank you for choosing SimplyBook.me. Here’s to a productive and successful month ahead!

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