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Custom Made Maids: Revolutionising Cleaning with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Custom Made Maids

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Custom Made Maids isn’t just another cleaning company in the US; they’re redefining cleanliness with a personalised touch. Custom Made Maids focuses on tailored solutions, from regular maintenance to deep cleans. They meet each client’s unique needs effectively. Central to this customised service delivery is SimplyBook.me, which streamlines their operations and enhances client interaction.

Membership Program

Custom Made Maids offers unique membership plans tailored to the size of the building being serviced, measured in square feet. Whether it’s a cozy apartment or a spacious commercial space, they have options to suit every need. Clients can choose from 6-month or 1-year memberships, each designed to provide consistent, top-quality cleaning services at intervals that best fit their schedule and space. This structured approach, facilitated by SimplyBook.me, not only brings predictability and convenience to clients but also allows Custom Made Maids to efficiently manage their bookings and resources.

Service Add-Ons

Custom Made Maids elevates their cleaning service with a variety of specialised add-ons. These include pet cleaning for animal-friendly homes, thorough window cleaning for sparkling views, move in or out cleaning for seamless transitions, and comprehensive deep cleans for a rejuvenating overhaul. This versatility, enabled by SimplyBook.me, allows clients to tailor their cleaning experience to their exact needs, ensuring that every corner of their space receives the attention it deserves.


Client feedback is crucial. Custom Made Maids uses SimplyBook.me’s Reviews feature to gather honest client feedback. This transparency helps build trust with potential clients while providing invaluable insights for service improvement.

Client Fields

They utilise SimplyBook.me’s Client Fields feature to gather essential information from their clients. Custom Made Maids collects clients’ names, emails, passwords, phone numbers, addresses, and referral sources upfront. This practice allows them to tailor each cleaning session precisely to the client’s specifications, thereby enhancing overall effectiveness and satisfaction.

Cancellation Policy

Life happens, and plans change. Custom Made Maids has a transparent cancellation policy, easily accessible during the booking process. This policy respects both the clients’ time and the cleaning staff’s schedule. It fosters a sense of mutual respect and understanding, which is crucial in maintaining a reliable and professional service.


Custom Made Maids’ use of SimplyBook.me’s features exemplifies the transformative impact of digital solutions in enhancing traditional services. Their adaptation of membership plans, diverse service add-ons, detailed client fields, and a transparent cancellation policy has significantly raised their service standards. This integration has streamlined their operations and markedly increased client satisfaction, showcasing the efficiency and client-centricity that technology can bring to a service-oriented business. Custom Made Maids stands as a model for others in the industry, demonstrating the substantial benefits of embracing modern tools to refine and elevate the customer experience.

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