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7 Cloud-Based Tools That Can Boost Small Business Growth

Starting a small business is not an easy task. Many small businesses failed even before reaching their annual maturity. The Small Business Administration (SBA) defines a small business as an operation with fewer than 500 employees. Usually, a startup business has 5-10 employees top-up, and with these numbers, you can bet employees have a lot […]

Michael Tayco


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social media marketing

11 Emerging Trends for Social Media Marketing in 2022 That You Can’t Ignore

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to social media marketing. Trends are constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! This blog post will discuss seven of the most important social media marketing […]

Amrapali Rai


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5 Social Media Platforms

5 Social Media Platforms To Use For Your Business In 2022

Whether you’re just starting up or your brand is well established, using social media platforms in your business has many benefits. From customer support to creating a sales funnel, these platforms offer quick and easy ways to reach a vast number of people.  However, as the pool of popular social media platforms continues to grow, […]

Amie Parnaby


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Top 6 Meeting Schedulers

Top 6 Meeting Schedulers – Reduce the pain of scheduling meetings

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could ask for a meeting and everyone is free at the right time? In reality, that is very rarely the case. Someone is on holiday, another has a business meeting, and another might only work part-time. If you use the traditional route of asking everyone to work out a meeting […]

Amie Parnaby


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top 5 CRM software

Top 5 CRM Software for Small Businesses

Having good customer relationships is the core to running a successful business today. So today, you need to invest in good CRM software to have good relationships with your customers and continue having it. Why is customer relationship software so important and trending these days? Because it helps you maintain a good relationship with your […]

Amie Parnaby


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videos for marketing

5 Types of Videos for Marketing Beginners

Understanding the importance of video content will go a long way in boosting your marketing career. Video content is the current leader of the pack and will remain so for a long, long time. As a beginner, you’ll learn numerous new things about videos for marketing. One of them is the importance of including videos […]

Amie Parnaby


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How Does OAuth 2.0 Really Boost API Security and Access Management?

How Does OAuth Actually Boost API Security and Access Management?

Over the past decade, application development has accelerated and is at its peak over Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, with the help of standardized APIs. As a result, the transmission of personal information and daily communication of data is inevitable across thousands of applications. Since all this communication happens through different mobile app platforms, browsers, and […]

Amie Parnaby


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Add facebook messenger to with Google Tag Manager.

Adding Facebook Messenger to your Site with Google Tag Manager [video]

If you have a business website, you’ve probably heard of Google Tag Manager, but do you know what you can do with it? You might have some idea that it has something to do with Google Analytics and Ads, but you don’t really see the point until you start using Google Ads. Did you know […]

Amie Parnaby


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Google Meet Scheduling with

Google Meet Scheduling with

Remote meetings, interviews and consultations have become significantly more popular than ever before. Not only that but online video learning classrooms and video fitness classes have soared in popularity. IT makes sense that the use of video calling software for these appointments and lessons have also increased. However, everyone prefers a different video calling provider. […]

Amie Parnaby


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scheduling staff

Staff Scheduling Software – 5 Major Benefits

Whether you own a small business or run a large enterprise, distributing the tasks among employees is a necessity. This entails creating a schedule and updating it with new information, particularly when there are workers on a shift schedule. If a manager decides to complete this task manually, they will spend hours or even days […]

Alexey Kutsenko


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How to Write High-Converting Google Search Ads in Minutes Using AI

Google Ads is a powerful platform for generating leads and sales. However, it can be difficult at times to create winning ad copy that generates the desired results. Fortunately, there are new AI tools available now that will help you do this quickly and easily. In this article, we will explore how AI-generated content can […]

Marcelo Beilin