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7 SMB Experts Entrepreneurs Should Follow In 2018

January 26, 2018
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What differs a failed business owner from a successful entrepreneur? The successful ones want to keep learning.


This is happening because, in the world of business, failure is a constant. One cannot simply win every battle faith throws at one’s face. It’s what you learn from setbacks and mistakes that makes or breaks your business.

However, it’s not all about personal experiences in 2018. We have the internet for a reason other than cute cat pics and Facebook wars and that reason is the ability to learn from others. There are people all over the world who’ve walked a few miles in your shoes. Yes, their journey and their business are different from what you have, but we all operate following the same rules or concepts.

The internet grants you the opportunity to capitalize on the success and prevent failure based on other people’s experience.

Is this as good as learning from your own success story? Probably not, but following the people from the list below will definitely make your life as a business owner a bit easier. And you will learn a whole lot of cool tricks as a bonus!

Bryan Kramer

Who? CEO of Pure Matter and an amazing Social Media Marketing expert.

What can you learn from Brian? For starters, you will get your hands on some of the best social media tips I have ever seen. Brian is also keen on sharing a lot of inspirational content all of us need so badly at certain points.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Who? CEO of VaynerMedia and a marketing legend.

What can you learn from Gary? Mr. Vaynerchuk has made a name for himself all over the world for his exceptional marketing skills. That noted, his general wisdom when it comes to finding a simple yet effective solution and deep leadership advice are worth a separate mention.

Gene Marks

Who? Reporter, Washington Post columnist.

What can you learn from Gene? On Main Street is a great source of all things Small Business knowledge and one of my personal favorite columns in the Washington Post. The only thing that covers more ground and shares more knowledge is Gene’s Twitter feed.

Rieva Lesonsky

Who? CEO & founder at GrowBiz Media.

What can you learn from Rieva? She has made a name for herself and her company through providing content marketing services at an exceptional level. Rieva is also a best-selling author and an amazing lawyer meaning you can find much more than content tips in her feeds, but rather the strengths of an inspiring businesswoman.

Eric Ries

Who? Entrepreneur & author of the best-selling “The Lean Startup”.

What can you learn from Eric? The Lean Startup led to an actual revolution in the world of tech-oriented small businesses. Today his methodology is more of a must-have than an innovation to many.

Anita Campbell

Who? CEO of Bizz Sugar and Small Biz Trends.

What can you learn from Anita? Anita is big in the world of small business. The content she shares or the content on Small Biz Trends is pure entrepreneurial gold that covers everything from marketing-&-sales to leadership advice, negotiation tips and more. No wonder Anita holds the title of the most influential woman according to Forbes.

Carol Roth

Who? Author of an NYT bestseller “The Entrepreneur Equation”

What can you learn from Carol? Business, economy and all things investments are Carol’s bread and butter. Her twitter feed is one of the most engaging I’ve ever seen thanks to a wide variety of highly impactful videos covering a lot of ground.

This sums up our handy list. Feel free to follow all of the influencers mentioned above on Twitter and check out their respective blogs.

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