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7 email drip campaigns to help you grow your business

Matt Diggity
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7 email drip campaigns

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Drip campaign marketing refers to the use and sending of automated emails based on specific timelines or user actions. Emails in a drip campaign stem from a queue of stock emails, which means there’s no need to create a new one every time. You can also customize these emails as you wish. 

Email drip campaigns are all about sending people the correct information at the right time. They allow your business to reach its fullest potential by allowing you to reach more people. 

This post will discuss various email drip campaigns you can use to help you grow your business.

Let’s get started. 

1. Campaign to welcome newcomers

If you have new leads subscribing to your mailing list or newsletters, one of the best ways to keep them engaged could be to send them a welcome email. This kind of email drip campaign marketing will not only allow you to introduce yourself to your customer. It will also tell them how your services are different from your competitors.

Research has found that welcome emails are well-received, with an average 58.7 percent open rate. The standard email open rate stands at 14.6 percent. To get the most out of your welcome emails, consider sending a series of three to five emails targeted toward educating your subscribers about your brand and how you can cater to their needs. 

Canva, for instance, sends a series of welcome emails to new users. The first email contains resources that newbies may need. 

Welcome email drip campaign

After the initial email, the subsequent emails contain tutorials. One of these lessons is shown below. 


Some types of welcome email drip campaigns include but are not limited to messages that offer new discounts, featured case studies, and client testimonials. You can even send new customers your most popular blog posts that provide value. That’s a great way to get more traffic into your site and ensure website monetization if you’re doing affiliate marketing.

2. Campaign for retargeting 

Email retargeting works via a browser cookie and enables you to get in touch with potential customers based on their actions on the web. Research by Moz has found email retargeting conversions to be a staggering 41 percent

The following is an example of a retargeting email drip campaign. In this email, Netflix confirms a subscriber’s service cancellation.

retargeting email drip campaigns

But instead of giving up on the subscriber, Netflix sends another email in the sequence:


Remember that you can retarget in many situations, and it’s not limited to when someone abandons their shopping cart. You can even send retargeting emails when users leave your site without taking the desired action. 

Some examples of retargeting emails include but are not limited to follow-up emails to leads who have a free generation item downloaded or asking your customers to give their email addresses in exchange for a gift or a quote. 

3. Campaign For Abandoned Carts

Cart abandonment rates can increase due to many reasons, including but not limited to lack of trust in the products, expensive shipping costs, and checkout complexity. A drip campaign marketing targeted at abandoned carts can be ideal for retaining customers. You may increase sales by incorporating marketing psychology methods into your abandoned cart emails, such as urgency, social proof, and scarcity. 

In this first email drip to a consumer who had abandoned his card, BooM, for example, employed urgency with its “I’m getting 1000s of orders, and I can’t keep BooM in stock!” statement. As a result, customers are more likely to buy as soon as possible.

email drip campaigns for abandoned carts

Without any response, BooM sends another email with the subject line “Last chance before your cart expires.”


Not only is the email clean and straightforward. The CTA button also lets customers know that the last step of checkout is easy to complete. 

4. Post-Purchase Email Campaign

Post-purchase email campaigns are an excellent way of reaching out to customers after their purchase has been made. They not only help you enhance consumer engagement. They also help you develop your loyalty system and urge customers to purchase from you again. A post-purchase email campaign can send customers emails 30 days after their initial purchase. 

Your post-purchase email drip campaign can include an invite to join a loyalty program or get valuable deals. 

Here is an example of a post-purchase email:

post purchase email drip campaign

The company upgrades its post-purchase campaign by adding tutorials for customers to help them use its products correctly. 

5. Unsubscribe Emails

A great way of retaining customers via an email drip campaign is to follow up with those leaving your mailing list. Remember that not every customer leaves because of a distrust in your products. It could be because they simply wish to receive fewer emails. 

In your unsubscribe campaign, highlight these critical reasons to identify the cause behind their unsubscribing. Below is an example of an unsubscribe email:

unsubscribe email campaigns

The company includes a helpful questionnaire in their email to find out why customers are leaving. That can help them gain deeper insights on ways to retain them. 

6. Upgrade Your Free Trial Account To A Paid Account

When someone signs up for a free trial of your service, it’s critical to follow up to convert them into a paying customer. You will need to send out a series of emails, beginning with a reminder of how long their free trial is valid and ending with a CTA that encourages them to buy your service.

OptinMonster is an excellent example of an email drip campaign that urges users to upgrade their free trial account to a premium account. It developed a direct link to complete the transaction to encourage free trial customers to upgrade to paying accounts. 

Upgrade Your Free Trial Account To A Paid Account

For the second email, Optinmonster used two methods. The first is to create urgency by informing subscribers that their accounts will be deleted. The second option is to provide a discount to entice customers to take advantage of the deal.

Upgrade Your Free Trial Account To A Paid Account

In all cases, ensure your email drip campaign is as tailored as possible to build trust. You should make sure you deliver the email depending on your users’ behaviors. To acquire better outcomes, it’s also critical to identify the perfect moment to follow up. 

7. Promote Special Offers Campaign

Once you get customers to subscribe to your email list, you can send them emails from various niches. You can divide your list into groups based on behavior, past purchases, location, etc. That will allow you to create customized drip campaign marketing to send them special offers best suited to their interests. You can also combine your SMS and email campaigns to promote your offers.

Consider the following email by British Airways:

special offers campaign

The company offers its loyalty members an opportunity to double their miles by booking a flight in the next 45 days. It even includes the member’s points status!

Bottom Line

Email drip campaign marketing is a viable way to grow your business and retain a loyal customer base. This type of email marketing campaign allows you to engage with your customers at various points in their journey, starting from their first day on your mailing list to their last. 

For example, you can create email drip campaigns to welcome new subscribers, recover abandoned carts, reignite interest in your product, or convince unsubscribed users to return. You may even offer free trials or promote special discounts, bonuses, or loyalty programs. 

Creating and executing email drip campaigns set up your business for better customer engagement and increased revenue and loyalty.

Guest Author Bio – Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity is a search engine optimization expert and the founder and CEO of Diggity Marketing, The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, and LeadSpring LLC. He is also the host of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

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