3 Booking Page Examples made with SimplyBook.me

Whether you just signed up or had your own booking page, sometimes you need a little bit of fresh inspiration. Here are some booking page examples made with SimplyBook.me that show how others use features for their booking page.

Booking page example 1: Menston Dental Practice

Menston Dental Practice provides dental services in their clinic in Menston. The practice uses a booking widget where their clients can book 24/7 on their own website. Like a lot of other medical practices, Menston Dental uses custom features like Service Categories, Contact Widget, Memberships, and Intake forms.


Booking page example 2: Swimtravel PH

Swimtravel Phillipines created a beautiful booking website with SimplyBook.me. We especially love the Photo Gallery with all the different swim strokes. You can see here that you can also use a booking page for News & updates and basically use it as a complete Booking Website.

booking page examples

Booking page example 3: Recovery Lab UK

Recovery Lab offers Services like personal training, sports massages, and Memberships for multiple sessions. Clients can ask questions before booking a session with the Contact Form.

booking page examples
booking page examples
booking page examples


What you don’t see

Not all features and benefits are visible on these booking page examples; A few essential features that are Calender sync, Take-me-home, Cancellation Policy, and Daily Reports.

Check out all of our booking page themes or come back soon to see more examples of booking pages.


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