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November Newsletter: Latest updates, Gift Cards & Client login

Ingvar Gudmundsson
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We hope you enjoyed November as much as we did and have started to prepare for the holidays by selling gift cards and offering promotions.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in November.

Gift Cards and Client Login

One of the reasons we created Client Login for buying Gift Cards was to be able to easily find sold and outstanding Gift Cards. After seeing a lot of interest to have the feature WITHOUT client login, we are currently working on it. From next week, the feature should be available without login.

New Payment Providers added

As we continue to expand globally, we are frequently being asked to add further payment providers. In November we integrated with four new payment processors.


A Brazilian payment processor which provides a full payment service for merchants who want to accept online payments.


A Dutch payment processor that provides payment technology to online merchants, allowing online businesses to accept payments via web and mobile applications. Their local operations span 17 markets across Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.


A Swedish payment provider with more than 6.5 million users. This service works through a smartphone application, where the users’ mobile number is directly connected with their bank accounts, making it possible to transfer money in real time.


PayTabs is a Bahrain-based payment gateway service provider with operations spread across the Middle East.
It offers gateway integration for any online commerce and can be up and running within 24 hours. It was also one of the first payment providers to offer integration with SADAD accounts – Saudi Arabia´s national bill presentment and payment system, which allows clients to pay with one touch of a button.

JsonLD Scheme enabled

So you ask, what the #% is a JsonLD Scheme? That’s a very good question. A question which can best be answered by an image. We will use SimplyBook.me´s favorite dessert from Sicily this summer to try and explain it.  

When you google “Cannoli siciliani” you will see this image below among the search results.

November Newsletter

So from now on when your clients start to google your business they will find the name of your booking website followed by an image, as well as your review star rating. This will certainly help to make your business stand out from the crowd!

Payment & Invoice Management

With the latest upgrade you can now find all accepted payments in one and the same report no matter how the payment was made; upon booking, for membership or for purchased products.

Another improvement is that you can now auto accept delayed payments, which wasn’t possible before.  Furthermore, you can choose to skip the payment step completely if you decide to only allow delayed payment which might facilitate the booking process for your clients.

POS is almost here! 

We are happy to share that our POS feature is already in testing. It will allow you to accept payments on-site, by cash or credit cards, through our system.  That way you can ease your life and manage everything within the same system; website, bookings, payments, as well as your overall business administration.



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