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Must-Have Yoga Accessories – Setting Up Your Yoga Studio

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Setting up a yoga studio is not a simple job. The first step of getting yoga certified is the hardest goal to accomplish. Nevertheless, if you are above this focus and have experience as a yoga instructor, then it may be your time to own a studio.
Understand that setting up a yoga studio can be expensive. You must deal with the budget wisely before making any decision. Once you are done with this process, you will only require must-have yoga accessories. Remember, no studio is complete without the right yoga gear.
In today’s modern era, yogis utilise props for practising. It helps every individual make the most of yoga regardless of their age, body, strength, and ability. The use of these props also supports various alignments and helps to deepen your postures. Therefore, it is necessary to look for yoga accessories and props that can add a professional touch to your studio.

List of Must-Have Yoga Accessories

It is not difficult to find yoga essentials in the market. The most popular stores serving in the health and fitness sector can quickly provide what you need. However, you must not increase your expenses by placing unnecessary tools. Focus on the must-have yoga accessories first.

Yoga Towels

Most yoga mats lack the sticky features, and you quickly start to slip and slide as soon as your heartbeat goes higher, and you start sweating. Due to this, the yoga class can transform into a stressful and slippery practice from a smooth and exhilarating one. The yoga towel is a must-have, especially if you teach hot yoga classes or power flow lessons.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are necessary to carry out yoga practice if you find the right ones. A yoga mat is made of foam that supports your knees, back, and hips. It mostly helps to maintain balance when you carry different poses. When you are selecting a yoga mat for the studio setup, focus on all aspects. These include material, slickness, thickness, and eco-friendliness.

Yoga Blocks

Similar to blankets, yoga blocks help to make you feel more comfortable and enhance your alignment. These are chiefly helpful for standing poses where you must keep both hands on the floor. Mostly, yoga blocks are made of wood, cork, and foam. You can turn these into three different heights and make them adaptable. For better stability, consider blocks of at least four inches.

Yoga Straps

Yoga straps, also known as belts, can make the best yoga equipment for the studio. Belts and straps are helpful for practising poses where you must hold your feet but fail to reach them. Straps primarily work as arm extenders. If your shoulders do not allow enough flexibility to bind your hands behind your back, a strap will help. Additionally, they’re also used when additional stability is required, such as inverted poses where the upper body strength isn’t quite enough. Most yoga studios will provide straps for such poses and help beginners to learn more.

Yoga Bolsters

Bolsters are popular among yogis. You can replace them with a stack of blankets and make forward bending positions easier. Try placing these under your knees or back while you recline for support or passive stretching. There are two primary bolsters types. You can find these round and flat shapes. Here, flat bolsters are more ergonomic, whereas round ones are useful for deeper stretches.

Yoga Wheels

Yoga wheels, recently introduced in many yoga studios, are must-haves for better practice. The wheel is roughly 12in across and 4in wide. If you set it upright, it helps you to lie back on the wheel. You can also place your hand or foot on top of the yoga wheel to enhance your flexibility and deepen your stretches while rolling it further as you stretch. Yoga wheels are also helpful in advanced poses to challenge stability or provide support in a difficult position.

Yoga Candles

An important reason to practice yoga is stress relief and relaxation. Therefore, placing candles in the yoga studio can be helpful for you and other students. It will quickly add the perfect ambience to your space. Playing with the lights in the room and candles around is also a way to concentrate. Most often, your yoga poses require concentration on a single object. It is better to have beautiful items in the room so you can avoid staring at an eyesore.

Yoga Kneepad Cushion

Kneepad cushions in yoga can add to the extreme level of comfort. Yoga experts design it to act as an extra cushion for your ankles, knees, and other pressure points in your body. It helps a yogi to practice a pain-free session and keep away from several yoga injuries. It mainly features a 15m thick comfortable foam technology that wraps around your body parts and provides relaxation to sensitive areas.

Yoga Swing Set

The swing set makes yoga more exciting and stress relieving for you. It helps to kill all your back and muscle pain with little effort. The accessory is designed to enhance your strength while working on your muscles and provide you with the comfort you require to practice inversion skills. It is manufactured from a high strength parachute material that will safely accommodate 550 pounds. Therefore, it carries most yoga practitioners easily.

Keep Practicing Yoga Every Day

Yoga accessories mat & attire
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The essential difference between buying yoga must-haves for your home and studio is necessity. When you set up a yoga studio, it is crucial to have all the yoga equipment for teaching others. While at home, you can practice the moves you want.

To set up your yoga studio, make sure of the quality of every gear you keep. Remember, you are going to provide it to the students and teach beginners how to use it.

Also, focus on yoga clothing to make sure you can practice well. Always put on yoga pants, tops, and socks. Also, prioritise hair ties, headbands, and sports bras. Look like a professional yoga instructor in your studio and make the most of these yoga must-haves.

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