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Looking inside Your Customer’s Mind – It’s going to Get Messy

Sheikh Adil
July 28, 2021
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customer's mind

Have you ever imagined what makes you buy something? When you look at a bag randomly in a shop, what happens inside the customer’s mind that convinces them to go inside and buy it?

Well, it is a complicated process, but it involves multiple things at one time (and in sequence) to convince them. It can be the design of the bag, the colour or the price of the bag. When all these things combine, the customer finally decides to buy the bag.

The same complicated process is also going on the other side. The seller is another reason behind the thought of buying something because this is what they are supposed to do.

They have to sell their products to run their business, and for this purpose, they do everything to make people buy their products.

If you think about it by going a little deeper and imagine why you decide to buy something, you will find the answer in the word mindset. It is the only thing that makes you buy things. Until you have definitely decided you do not want a particular thing, there is potential for persuasion.

Once you have decided to get something for yourself, you get it as soon as you make up your mind about it.

The Science of Shopping

The science behind shopping is basically the psychology that brings you to a product, and that is how you think you need to buy one.

Years ago, research was conducted on how a person can walk to a door for physical shopping. This research discovered multiple things like the music playing in the shop, the scents used in that specific area, and the colours on the wall that significantly impacted shopping patterns. Along with that, attractive packaging encourages physical shopping.

As time has evolved and people are more into brands and logos, it has become a trigger for shopping and attracting people.

When you buy something with the help of online shopping, you can see only a limited amount of things, and it makes you bored before time, but as compared to online shopping, you have a lot more choices in physical shopping, and that is exactly what keeps you hooked with it.

Physical Shops and Their Strategies

One of the major things that make physical shops a lot more successful than online shops is that they go deeper into the customer’s mind and find what they think people want.

When they do this, they get super attractive things to the customers and never go back without buying anything.

Physical shops have dealt with people a lot more than online shops, so they know more about what should be done and what should not be done.

The physical shops deal with many different minds daily, so they know how to use customer psychology. In turn, that leads to better spending patterns. As store managers experience many different behaviours and have learned how to deal with their customers, they have the know-how to convince them to buy their products.

How can you deal with the customer’s mind?

For those who are new to the business community, and don’t really know how to manipulate consumer psychology, keep reading to find out more.

As time has evolved, technology has also evolved, and here you will find a lot of help.

Through the internet, you can get to know about some things that attract the customers or some things that take their attention away.

You can get to know about it through google, and once you know your customers’ minds, you can be more successful because you can just make changes according to that.

Look for people seeking what you provide and start giving small discounts on those things, and you can easily put your business in their minds.

As the topic states, it can get messy when you start looking into people’s minds, especially those of your customers. You also start to doubt a lot of things.

However, one thing that will make it linear is that you need to have strong marketing skills and make space in your customers’ heads, and you need to do the right branding if you want to be successful in this journey of yours. It is exactly what a digital marketing agency in Cairo teaches people.

One significant thing that most of the people in the business do not understand is loyalty. It is the one thing that will hold a place in your customers’ minds for your business for the long term.

When you make your business trustworthy, and you make people believe in your work, then you can use this as a tool to grow more and succeed more.

When people recognise your business’s authenticity and do not have time to cheat your customers, they will keep coming back to you, which will change your business completely.

Distractions for customers:

There are distractions that some business people think are positive when they actually are not. For example, music is often considered a great attraction. But it can sometimes play a huge role in distracting customers.

Light, refreshing music makes people come to your shop, but at the same time, if the music is blasting too loud, and it is giving headache to the people, they will just leave. Most likely without purchasing anything.

There are also times when the music is blasting too high, and people buy things that they did not even want, and then they regret it later and regret coming to your shop. 

Overall your music should appeal on the broadest scale to most people and should not be overwhelming.


This is one point where you need to look into two factors. One is that there will be many customers in your shop, and several will be sensitive to scents, and they will not come to you ever again. Then the second point is that many people have a very short attention span and will easily get distracted by the smell. They will end up buying nothing, which will eventually turn out to be your loss.

Always remember that when you are starting a business, you need to be considerate about everything and you need to be careful about every little detail, and you need to keep everything in your mind.

If you feel like you need to make your customers happy and keep them hooked to your shop, you will have to look into all the details, no matter how big or small.


We all know that themes are a major part of any shop and are very important when attracting your shoppers.

Themes are super vigilant, and you need to be very careful about them. If you do not choose the right contrast of colours, then there are chances that you will lose a lot of customers because your colour scheme was highly irritant to the eyes.

Always go for bold yet classy colours and always find attractive and not irritating combinations, and they will definitely help you gain more customers.

Light colours are a good choice if you want to make it a peaceful place, and if you want your shop to look bold, you can go for darker colours and make it look aesthetic with their help.

Embracing the Messy (Customer’s Mind)

There are a lot of things that are going to help you in embracing the messy customer’s mind. By dealing with their mindset, you can attract them to your products.

What you can do apart from all that has been mentioned above is giving a lot of sales to your customers, and that is one thing that no customer has ever said no to. Give them attractive sales, and you will see how your stock goes out, and you will see how crazily people love to buy things from different sales.

You can also introduce different types of coupons for your customers, and you can ask them to use those coupons when they want to avail any benefit. You can do these little things to keep your customers attracted, and these things will keep you in their minds, and they will be coming back to you or their shopping.

So, it would be best to keep all of these things in your mind when you are thinking of starting a business, and you will definitely be successful more than others. Just keep your honesty and loyalty to your customers, and you will never fail. Make them your priority by not putting them on weight. And then see how things work in your fair. 

If you want to get inside your customer’s mind, and keep them hooked to your shop, you will have to look into all the details, no matter how big or small.

If you give them importance at your shop, they will share positive reviews regarding your shop with other people. And this is something useful for your business.

Customer wants attention from you, and if you treat them according to their expectations, they get happy and visit you again and again.

Guest Author bio – Sheikh Adil MediaHicon SEO consultant 

Sheikh Adil is a keynote speaker on social media strategy, LinkedIn marketing & social media marketing trainer, MediaHicon digital marketing author, and  MediaHicon SEO consultant for global organizations.

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