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Facebook and Instagram Business Page Integration with SimplyBook.me

Amie Parnaby
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Facebook and Instagram integration

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If you didn’t already know, Facebook recently updated its business page integration for FB and Instagram. Enabling better, smoother, and streamlined onboarding while connecting a company website and schedule with social media. If you’re already using the Facebook and Instagram integration feature with SimplyBook.me, you probably realised that you needed to reconnect the two platforms – if you haven’t done so already, do it, it’s worth it.

The updated code for integration has brought with it some new features and improved the way you engage with the vast reach of social media using Facebook and Instagram.

Getting the Most from Online Channels

Everyone knows that businesses don’t get anywhere far without the right online presence; not in these days of everyone having the internet at their fingertips, literally. However, it’s only recently that many companies have begun to understand that increasing the number of online channels to their customers doesn’t work well when there is no cohesion between them. The birth of the word “omnichannel” brought this home to a lot of businesses.

Now, merely having active social profiles for your business is not enough. You need interaction, integration, and a comprehensive approach to engage customers with both your website and your social community. As Facebook is one of the largest social platforms in the world, with over 180 million business pages between the Facebook and Instagram platforms, they are proven partners in the quest to reach clients and customers right where they are. 

Better Appointment Booking Experiences

Most people want to be able to book their appointments online from the place where they find you. They don’t want to see you on Facebook, navigate to your website, and then navigate to a booking page to book their slot with you. We have become demanding of convenience and instant gratification. 

The more clicks between awareness and conversion, the more chances your potential client has to pause in their journey to becoming a paying client. At the same time, even if they are genuinely determined to become a customer, they can get fed up if there is a maze of connecting links between them and your product. 

By integrating your business’ scheduling system with Facebook and Instagram, you eliminate a large number of clicks from the booking process. Consequently, eradicating a lot of points where you can lose the customer.

Benefits of Integrating Social Media Scheduling 

If you get a lot of traffic and followers to your Facebook and Instagram business pages, but they don’t translate to visitors and conversions in your business, there is something wrong. There are three MAJOR benefits to connecting your business booking platform to your social media channels.

Easy Appointment Booking

Clients are no longer navigating their way around the internet to find the specific page where they can book. Moreover, when they book their selection, it goes straight into your booking engine the same as any other appointment.

Finding New Clients

Did you know that Facebook is also a search engine? In 2019 Facebook alone was fielding a massive 1.5 billion searches per day. An average of 52% of respondents in a survey said they had found a new business on Facebook

Measuring Results

Monitor your appointment bookings and build insight models for your future developments, marketing and more. With SimplyBook.me you can see which platform is bringing in your clients.

Connecting with Facebook and Instagram Tools

When you link your scheduling system with the Instagram and Facebook platforms, you also gain access to a host of tools that will help you to grow your business and reach more clients.

“Book Now” Buttons

These buttons can appear practically anywhere your clients can find them: Boosted posts and ad campaigns, Messenger, Facebook Business Page, and Instagram Business Profile. You can even have a “Book Now” button from your Facebook page in the newsfeed.

No navigation away from Facebook to make an appointment at all with the featured services. Add your most popular “featured” services to the mini scheduler, and let clients book directly from the Facebook page.

Facebook Pixel

Using the Facebook Pixel on your website, you’ll be in a better position to monitor Facebook visible client actions. All it takes is a few clicks. This will make it easier for you to track booking actions, optimise the experience, and enhance and retarget your marketing.

Simple Facebook & Instagram Integration (no need for coding)

The last thing you want to do when you integrate your booking system with Facebook and Instagram is getting embroiled in a whole lot of coding. You don’t need to know any of that to connect Facebook and Instagram with SimplyBook.me.

The simple integration process means you can connect your SimplyBook.me system with Facebook and Instagram from your social media pages. Alternatively, you can also do it from your SimplyBook.me interface. You can check out the connection details in our Help Centre.

What Are You Waiting For?

IF you haven’t utilised your usage of the Facebook and Instagram integration feature, why not?. If you can reach more people, and assist those new clients in making an appointment, isn’t that best for business? 

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