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Chill Barber: A case study

Amie Parnaby
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Chill Barber Salon

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Chill Barber is one of many stunning booking websites on the SimplyBook.me platform. We had the opportunity to ask Ali Okhovvat, the owner, a few questions about his business and experience with online scheduling, and he was kind enough to give us some interesting and valuable feedback.

About Chill Barber

With three locations in Austria, two in Linz and one in Pasching, Chill Barber is an established and growing business, using our software to schedule their bookings online. The Chill Barber team has an excellent list of 5-star reviews, and their customers like to show their appreciation with glowing comments. Despite being a barber, Ali and his team offer other male grooming services with face masks, nose and ear waxing, and plucking (threading). 

Despite having some clients who are older and less tech-reliant, Chill Barber has embraced the online booking system and many of the enhancing features available. 

It makes sense for the business to use the multiple locations feature to schedule bookings across different sites. Still, it’s also easier for clients to find the service they want when they’re separated into Hair, Colour, Beard, and Face categories. 

With client engagement and attraction in mind, Chill Barber has an active and gorgeous approach to social media presence. Instagram has some fabulous examples of the fantastic grooming they perform in their salons, and Facebook has the convenience of allowing followers to book from the FB page. Even if you book directly from the website, you can log in with Facebook to confirm a booking. 

Many clients have commented on how good they are with youngsters, and the big smiles on Instagram would suggest the same. From the excellent reviews on both the booking website and on social media, if I lived in Linz, I’d book an appointment for my son. 

The Interview

Ali Okhovvat outside Chill Barber

On choosing a booking system 

Choosing a booking system depends on many factors and the needs of your business. Not only which booking system to select, but why implement an online scheduling tool and how your customers will react to it.

Q – Why did you decide to start using a booking system?

A – I opted for a booking system because it enables me to plan my locations and my staff better. Due to the current COVID 19 situation, there is also more control over the customers. That means that I can better manage the maximum number of clients in each location at any given time, which is crucial today.

Q – Have you used any other booking system before using SimplyBook.me?

A – No, this is the first.

Q – Were there any concerns about how using a booking system would affect your customers?

A – Yes, of course. A lot of my customers are older and often do not have access to the Internet or their own email address to book.

On setting up the system

It’s no good having a time and money-saving scheduling system if it’s over complicated and time-consuming to set up. So we asked how they found the system for set up ease, and if they needed assistance along the way.

Q – What percentage of your customers use your booking website to book your services? (Or are a lot of them still calling and planning within the system?)

A – Roughly speaking, around 70% of my customers book through the system. Of course, some still love personal contact and prefer to call, while others will book their next appointment while still in the store. 

Q – Do you also accept bookings via Facebook, Instagram and Google?

A – Yes, we do.

On the best (and worst) parts of the booking system

We always like feedback, and we know our clients like to have their say and tell us how we can improve and what they’d like to see.

Q – What do you like best about the system?

A – We like the option of designing everything ourselves, and the many features that you can switch on or off.

Q – What do you dislike about the system?

A – It’s unfortunate that while you can have automated payments, the options available don’t work with our current payment provider.

Q – Did SimplyBook.me meet your expectations?

A – Yes, in every way!

Q – Would you recommend the system to your friends?

A – Yes, of course.

As well as having an amazing online presence and keeping things up to date, Chill Barber like to mix up the media, with some fabulous videos. The link below shows it’s not just about getting a great haircut; the whole experience is something to look forward to.


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