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7 Booking Website Examples – SimplyBook.me

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Each of these booking website examples can be explored to see how appointment scheduling with SimplyBook.me looks like. Just click on the image for each industry to see what your booking website could look like and get inspired.

Booking website examples


You can allow your patients to book appointments 24/7, and at the same time make sure that patient information is secure. Features like HIPAA, Intake forms, SOAP and automatic reminders will help you to run your practice while providing the best possible care for your patients.

Medical booking website examples


If you own a gym or offer sports classes, features like memberships, classes, and multiple locations might come in handy. Click on the image below to see an example of a fitness booking website designed by SimplyBook.me.

Fitness Booking site example

Personal Services

After setting up a booking website for personal services like this one, you can set up Calendar synchronization, accept payments, and send reminders. This booking website example design is interesting to check out if you offer consulting, cleaning services, personal coaching, or have any other appointment-based business.

 booking website examples

Whether you offer classes or one-on-one teaching or tutoring, you can use features like reviews, memberships, extra pages, to create a booking website for educational services.

Example booking website for tutoring


This booking website example for photographers shows how you can let clients book your services online.  You can design the page as you want and customize it to your brand to make it look as professional as the service you offer.

Booking website examples photography


Choose a theme and customize by picking color palettes and images, or by uploading your own. In this booking website example, you can see how you can let clients book your services, 24/7. Add photos to your gallery or automatically share from your Instagram account. Reduce no-shows with automatic reminders and increase sales by offering customers to buy products and gift cards.

Beaytu booking website examples


For organizers of events, a booking page could look like this. You can start building your booking page by choosing one of our templates, customizing your design, and adding events. Custom features like group bookings, extra pages, different locations, and accept payments are particularly interesting for event booking websites.

event booking page

Ready to create your own beautiful booking website? Check out our templates or tell us which booking website examples you are missing, in the comments.

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