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Collective Tattoo: Artful Appointments via SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Collective Tattoo

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Collective Tattoo, a private tattoo studio nestled in Derby, offers more than just tattoos; it offers an experience. The studio’s main goal is to ensure clients enjoy their visit and love their new tattoo in a relaxed atmosphere. With a team of talented artists, Collective Tattoo showcases its exceptional work on its website gallery and Instagram. By incorporating SimplyBook.me into their operations, they’ve streamlined the appointment process, making it as artful and efficient as the tattoos they create.

The Gallery feature on SimplyBook.me offers a window into Collective Tattoo’s world, going beyond just showcasing tattoos. This gallery showcases not only the stunning artwork created by their artists but also captures the essence of the studio environment. It features the tattoo artists in action and offers behind-the-scenes glimpses of clients during their tattoo sessions. These visuals give a real sense of the studio’s atmosphere and artistic process, enhancing transparency and connection.

Collective tattoo booking through SimplyBook.me

Service Providers

Collective Tattoo’s skilled artists are featured through the Service Providers option on SimplyBook.me. Clients can explore each artist’s unique style and expertise, ensuring a perfect match for their tattoo vision. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of all the studio’s artists, helping clients choose the right one to bring their tattoo ideas to life.

Collective tattoo booking through SimplyBook.me

Cancellation Policy

The studio values both the time of their artists and clients, reflected in their clear cancellation policy available on SimplyBook.me. This policy ensures a smooth operation and respects the commitment made by both parties.

Collective tattoo booking through SimplyBook.me

Client Login

With the Client Login feature, regular clients of Collective Tattoo can easily manage their appointments, view past bookings, and stay up-to-date with their tattoo journey. This personalised access enhances the convenience for clients, allowing them to reschedule or plan future sessions with just a few clicks. It also provides a history of their artwork and interactions with the studio, creating a valuable digital record of their tattoo experiences at Collective Tattoo.

Collective tattoo booking through SimplyBook.me

Contact Widget

The Contact Widget on SimplyBook.me facilitates direct communication with the studio. This feature is especially handy for arranging half-day or shorter appointments, providing clients with a quick and easy way to reach out.

Collective tattoo booking through SimplyBook.me

Custom Page for FAQ

Collective Tattoo has cleverly utilised the Custom Page feature to create an FAQ section. This resource answers common questions, providing clients with essential information before and after their visit, enhancing transparency and client preparation.

Collective tattoo booking through SimplyBook.me


Collective Tattoo’s integration of SimplyBook.me not only streamlines the booking and management process but also enriches the client experience. From exploring artists’ portfolios to booking appointments with ease, the studio has harnessed technology to complement its artistic environment, ensuring each client’s visit is as memorable as the art they leave with.

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