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Leveraging Social Media for Business: Adding a Book Now Button

Daena Skinner
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Social media has evolved far beyond its origins as a platform for social interaction, emerging as an indispensable asset for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital landscape. With billions of active users, platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer unparalleled opportunities for businesses to connect with their audience, promote their services, and expand their reach. According to statistics, 76% of clients use mobile devices to book appointments. Integrating a “Book Now” button into your social media profiles represents a strategic move to capitalise on these interactions, transforming passive interest into active engagements and bookings.

This blog post will serve as a comprehensive guide on embedding a booking button into your Facebook and Instagram business pages, courtesy of SimplyBook.me. Streamline your booking process and enhance your social media presence with a “Book Now” button. This move not only signifies your business’s efficiency and forward-thinking approach but also maximises every interaction on these platforms. Follow our guide to boost service accessibility and business efficiency.

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Why a “Book Now” Button is Essential for Your Business:

The integration of a “Book Now” button on social media platforms is much more than a mere convenience—it’s a strategic asset that can significantly enhance how businesses interact with their customers online. In today’s digital era, where immediacy and ease of use are paramount, the presence of a booking option directly on social media profiles is transformative. It meets the modern consumer’s expectation for frictionless, on-demand interactions, directly impacting engagement, conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction.

Immediate Access and Streamlined Processes

The digital landscape is increasingly competitive, with businesses vying for attention in a crowded space. The “Book Now” button acts as a bridge from discovery to action, allowing potential customers to reserve, book, or schedule directly on social media. It caters to immediate action impulses and streamlines the journey, minimising steps from interest to action.

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Boosting Engagement and Conversion Rates

Furthermore, social media platforms are powerful tools for building relationships with customers. By adding a booking option, businesses can transform passive interactions—such as liking a post or viewing a service—into active engagements. This functionality not only enhances the user experience but also directly contributes to higher conversion rates. When customers can book services effortlessly as they scroll through their feeds, the barrier to completing a booking is significantly lowered.

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Enhancing Professional Image and Customer Satisfaction

Offering a seamless booking experience directly on social media platforms also reflects positively on a business’s professional image. It signals to customers that the brand is forward-thinking, customer-centric, and committed to leveraging technology to improve service delivery. This level of professionalism and convenience can significantly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding a “Book Now” Button with SimplyBook.me

Please note:

  • It is possible to connect booking option to Facebook Business and Instagram Business pages. This functionality cannot be added to a personal page.
  • The booking option is not shown on desktop Instagram version and can be used via mobile apps only.

1. Firstly, enable Facebook & Instagram Bookings Feature: First, enable the Facebook & Instagram Bookings custom feature in your SimplyBook.me account.

2. Log Into Your Social Media Accounts: Open your Facebook and Instagram business accounts in a separate browser tab.

3. Connect to Facebook: Go back to SimplyBook.me and click on “Settings” near the Facebook & Instagram Bookings option. Click on “Connect with Facebook” to initiate the integration.

4. Manage Permissions: You’ll be redirected to Facebook to manage permissions for integrating SimplyBook.me.

5. Display Services on Facebook: Your services will now be displayed on your Facebook page with “Book” buttons next to them or a “Book Now” button under your page banner.

6. Add Booking to Facebook Posts: Incorporate booking options directly into your Facebook posts for increased visibility and accessibility.

7. Instagram Setup: For Instagram, open the app on your mobile, log into your business page, edit your profile, and follow the steps to add the “Book” button.

instagram set up steps

Tips for Maximising the Effectiveness of Your Booking Button:

  • Regular Promotion: Regularly promote the ease of booking through your social media channels.
  • Track Performance: Utilise analytics to monitor how many bookings are made through social media.
  • Gather Feedback: Engage with your customers to understand their booking experience and make necessary improvements.


In summary, adding a “Book Now” button to your social media platforms using SimplyBook.me is a simple yet effective way to boost your business’s online presence and efficiency. This feature not only enhances customer experience but also serves as a vital tool for increasing your service bookings directly through social media.

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