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Shaped Co: Transforming Beauty Bookings with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Shaped Co

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Shaped Co Medical Spa, based in Westhoughton, UK, stands at the forefront of semi-permanent makeup, aesthetic, and beauty treatments. Their mission is clear: to enhance natural beauty and boost confidence through a wide array of services. From micropigmentation to cutting-edge body contouring, Shaped Co offers a comprehensive suite of treatments designed to meet every beauty need. By integrating SimplyBook.me, they’ve streamlined the booking process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for every client. This collaboration highlights their commitment to not only delivering exceptional results but also enhancing customer satisfaction.

Shaped.co homepage


Feedback is vital at Shaped Co Medical Spa. They utilise SimplyBook.me’s Reviews feature to gather honest client testimonials, showcasing the quality and impact of their services. This transparency helps build trust with potential clients and offers invaluable insights, guiding continual improvement. Positive reviews illuminate the spa’s dedication to excellence, attracting more clients eager for a transformative beauty experience.

Shaped Co reviews on simplybook.me

Service Categories

Navigating Shaped Co’s diverse offerings is effortless, thanks to SimplyBook.me’s Service Categories. Clients can easily browse treatments, from micropigmentation to skin rejuvenation, selecting services that align with their beauty goals. This organisational clarity enhances the booking experience, allowing clients to find and schedule their preferred treatments with ease.

Shaped Co service categories on their booking page with simplybook.me

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a popular choice at Shaped Co, perfect for sharing the gift of beauty and confidence. Through SimplyBook.me, purchasing and sending gift cards is straightforward, offering a thoughtful and flexible gift option. Recipients enjoy the freedom to choose treatments that best suit their desires, making each gift card a personal and cherished gesture.

Gift card offerings from Shaped co on their simplybook.me website

Accept Deposits

Shaped Co values the commitment between the spa and its clients, evident in their use of SimplyBook.me’s Accept Deposits feature. This policy secures bookings and minimises cancellations, ensuring that both parties respect the scheduled appointments. It’s a simple yet effective strategy to enhance operational efficiency and client reliability.

Accepting deposits means reducing no-shows with simplybook.me booking site

Client Login

The Client Login feature empowers Shaped Co’s clients with control over their booking journey. This personal touch allows clients to manage appointments, view their booking history, and update preferences at their convenience. It’s a testament to Shaped Co’s dedication to fostering a personalised and engaging client experience.

allow clients to log in to Shaped Co's booking page

Contact Widget

Direct communication is seamless with the Contact Widget on SimplyBook.me. This feature ensures that clients can easily inquire or discuss specific needs, enhancing the level of care and service provided. Immediate responses and personalised support exemplify Shaped Co’s commitment to client satisfaction.

contact page on shaped co's booking site

Loyalty Points

Loyalty is rewarded at Shaped Co, where clients accumulate points with each booking. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future services, incentivising repeat visits. It’s a meaningful way to thank clients for their loyalty, encouraging them to continue their beauty and wellness journey with Shaped Co.

Waiting List

The Waiting List feature addresses the high demand for Shaped Co’s services. Clients can sign up to be notified when their desired treatment becomes available, optimising booking opportunities. This proactive approach ensures that more clients can experience Shaped Co’s exceptional services without lengthy waits.


Staying updated with the latest at Shaped Co is easy, thanks to SimplyBook.me’s News feature. Clients can access updates on new treatments, special offers, and events, keeping them engaged and informed. This feature strengthens the connection between Shaped Co and its clients, fostering a vibrant community of beauty enthusiasts.

Shaped co's news blog


Shaped Co Medical Spa’s use of SimplyBook.me’s features has revolutionised how clients book and experience beauty treatments. By simplifying the booking process and offering a range of client-centered features, they ensure every visit is as rewarding as the treatments themselves. Shaped Co’s commitment to excellence, combined with SimplyBook.me’s innovative solutions, creates a beauty experience that’s not just about enhancement but about a holistic journey to confidence and satisfaction.

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