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How SimplyBook.me Enhances Be Well Barn’s Wellness Bookings

Daena Skinner
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Be Well Barn

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Be Well Barn emerges as a unique wellness center, nestled in the peaceful Suffolk countryside. This haven offers private hire fitness and wellness pods, set against the backdrop of a working farm and scenic views. With SimplyBook.me, Be Well Barn simplifies the journey towards health, fitness, and well-being, providing a personalised space for everyone.

Multiple Locations

Be Well Barn utilises SimplyBook.me’s Multiple Locations feature to distinctively manage each of its studios, despite being situated on the same site. This includes the “Wellness Studio,” “Fitness Studio,” “Fitness & Spa Pods,” “Studio Gym,” “Bootcamp,” and “Be Well Events.” This organisation allows clients to choose their preferred wellness or fitness setting, ensuring a tailored experience that meets their individual health and relaxation goals. Each location offers a unique aspect of Be Well Barn’s approach to well-being, making it easy for clients to find exactly what they’re looking for in one serene location.

Reviews and Google Reviews

Feedback is crucial. Be Well Barn gathers client impressions through SimplyBook.me reviews and Google Reviews features. These insights highlight satisfaction and areas for improvement, helping new clients decide confidently.


Be Well Barn offers curated wellness packages. From rejuvenating retreats to intensive fitness programs, these packages cater to diverse wellness journeys, available for booking through SimplyBook.me.

Gift Cards

A thoughtful wellness gesture, Be Well Barn’s gift cards can be purchased via SimplyBook.me. They offer a chance to share the gift of tranquility and health with loved ones, perfect for any occasion.

Service Categories

Organising their broad offerings, Be Well Barn classifies services into clear categories. This organisation aids clients in navigating their wellness options, streamlining the booking process.


For dedicated wellness enthusiasts, Be Well Barn offers memberships through SimplyBook.me. These memberships provide exclusive benefits and encourage a commitment to sustained well-being.

Group Bookings

Group wellness sessions are seamlessly organised, fostering community and shared health journeys. Friends or corporate teams can book together, making wellness a collective experience.

Client Fields

Be Well Barn captures essential information through client fields, tailoring the wellness experience to individual needs and preferences. This customisation ensures every visit is as effective as it is personal.

Client Login

The client login feature offers users control over their wellness journey. Repeat clients manage bookings, view past sessions, and tailor future visits, enhancing their connection to Be Well Barn.


Be Well Barn’s implementation of SimplyBook.me transforms how clients engage with wellness services. Using comprehensive booking features, Be Well Barn simplifies access to unique wellness offerings and personalises each visit, reflecting its tranquil atmosphere.

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