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Friday Feature: SimplyBook.me Terms & Conditions Checkbox Removal

Amie Parnaby
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Terms and Conditions Checkbox Removal

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It doesn’t matter what kind of business or website you run. There will be occasions that require your clients to adhere to your terms and conditions. It is the nature of the beast that is an online business. To streamline the process for your clients, you may want to remove the SimplyBook.me terms and conditions checkbox from your booking channel.

Why remove the SimplyBook.me terms and conditions checkbox?

Removing the SimplyBook.me terms and conditions checkbox cuts out a step in the confirmation or approval process of your booking system. It can be tiresome reading two lots of terms and conditions. Yes, I know we rarely actually read them when it’s a company or business that we know (although really should keep up to date with any changes). However, new customers and clients often do read them.

Conditions of removal from your booking process

Here I’ll explain the need for the three conditions required to achieve the removal of the SimplyBook.me terms and conditions checkbox.

  • Add your Terms & Conditions using our dedicated custom feature; including information about SimplyBook.me Ltd. as a supplier (this bit comes last)

As I mentioned at the beginning, the nature of online business requires asking customers for their agreement to specific terms and conditions. SimplyBook.me has its own terms and conditions, which you agree to as part of the sign-up process. By using a SimplyBook.me standard address for your booking site you and your clients need to adhere to SimplyBook.me terms and conditions.

  • Enable and configure the SMTP feature so that you send all related notifications from your business or personal email address

A step along the road to an increased professional appearance. As above, if your notifications come from a SimplyBook.me email address, you and your clients have to agree to Simply Book.me terms and conditions. However, having a dedicated business email address for your notifications and reminders is a great way to show that your business is well established and professional. Of course, there are other benefits to the SMTP feature that I covered in a previous Friday Feature.

  • Embed our widget into your website and set the booking page to the blank theme.

If you already have a website for your business and want to allow your clients to book directly from that webpage, you can embed our widget into your website. This means your customers don’t need to navigate away from your business site to book an appointment. By doing this and disabling or “blanking” your simplyBook.me booking page you can still have all of the functionality of the booking site, without having an alternate booking website. Again this means that your customers do not have to interact with a SimplyBook.me web page and tick our terms and conditions checkbox.


  • Configure a Custom domain so your clients can book using your custom URL

If you already have a booking page with SimplyBook.me but you don’t have a dedicated website, you can purchase an appropriate domain name for your business. We can assign the booking page display to the chosen domain for your company. Beneficially, the SimplyBook.me system has the features and tools that allow you to customise your custom-named booking site so that you can build a website around the booking format. Once your booking site has been assigned to a custom domain, your clients are no longer doing business on a SimplyBook.me website. As a consequence, they don’t have to accept the terms and conditions.

After enabling the SMTP feature, writing your company terms and conditions, and choosing either the website widget or custom domain option, all you have to do is confirm your declaration that SimplyBook.me Ltd is a supplier in your terms and conditions.

Why it’s a good idea

Every step required in the process of removing the SimplyBook.me terms and conditions checkbox is a step forward on the path to improving your company’s professional appearance.

  • Having terms and conditions specific and relevant to your company means that you have given significant consideration to your clients and your business processes.
  • Using a dedicated email address for your company notifications and reminders looks professional and decreases the number of missed notifications.
  • Possessing a custom domain gives the appearance of a long-term, dedicated and well-established business.
  • Embedding a booking widget on your business website means your clients don’t navigate away from your site to make a booking.

Everything that gives your business website or booking page the edge and shine of professionalism is a bonus.








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