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3 X-Mass Business Ideas That Really Jingle The Bells

If you are anything like me then you’ve been mumbling Christmas carols for at least a couple of weeks now. If not – I’ve got some fuel for you:

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…” Good luck kicking that tune out off your head now. You are welcome.

Now that we are on the same page the time has come to talk business. Christmas business ideas to be precise.

The why?

Why’d I infect you with a buzzing carol that’s stuck like a barnacle now? It’s not because I’m an evil person who would love to see the world burn one brain-hack at a time. I just wanted to illustrate how catchy and “flammable” the holiday spirit is. Especially in December.

Yep, that’s right – we’ve officially made it into the month where every, tabloid, screen, ad and package screams out loud with red stripes or white snowflakes. X-mass is everywhere and your audience, your business’s clients have caught the spirit already. It would be dumb to waste the chance and not use it to your advantage.

However, given the sheer volumes of holiday spirit poured on our heads from every corner, simply decorating your place isn’t going to pull it. We need serious artillery. And that is why I’ve decided to share 3 amazing Christmas business ideas that really jingle the bells.

#1 – Have a contest

As trivial as it sounds, running a contest is still one of the best things marketers invented. Invent a creative idea for a photoshoot that is Christmas themed, like #BrandnameHolidaySpirit or whatever it is in your case, encourage your clients to take a few X-mass-themed selfies and share them on your social media channels. Give away something awesome in the end.

What are you getting in return?

  •        A custom hashtag will make it easy to track how successful your campaign really is.
  •        A social media feed that’s tidied up with user-generated content will help you rank higher in search.
  •        Your brand on the photos will boost brand awareness among personal circles of your existing clients.
  •        Engagement rates among the existing base of clients will skyrocket.

#2 – Create a sense of urgency

Nothing lasts forever. Especially not Christmas. The magic will be all gone the moment the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December.

I know it, you know it – we all know it. Yet we choose to ignore the fact that Christmas doesn’t last forever. We just want it to be with us forever.  

You’d be surprised but a cold shower of reality can benefit business tremendously. Don’t forget to remind others that your very amazing offers and discounts are severely time-sensitive and that your magic will fade with the first rays of sun in January.

A countdown till the offer is off limits is your best friend in properly targeted ads. Use it wisely.

#3 – have a party!

Host a real, physical event for your fans. Who doesn’t love a good party? Talks over eggnog and pigs in blankets will reveal your human side to your clients and their gratitude will grow into everlasting support.

Ok, I know that parties are expensive, but I also have an idea of how to shoot two birds with one stone: make the event exclusive to VIP guests.

If you don’t have any major clients – just pick a few random ones who book with you frequently and you are all set.

Now that the guests have been invited do your best to make it a party of a lifetime for them.

Why this works?

  • A sense of exclusiveness will attract more people willing to get into the “inner circle”
  • Feedback (selfies in Santa hats) from the guests creates fantastic user-generated content that can be used for marketing purposes
  • Your ability to walk the extra mile for your clients will ensure their loyalty and word of mouth advertising going forward.

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