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What’s New in April at SimplyBook.me + Upcoming Features in May!

Daena Skinner
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Spring is not just about renewal in nature but also about bringing fresh, new features and enhancements to SimplyBook.me! This April, we’ve rolled out several exciting updates that will make managing your services and bookings even easier. Plus, take a sneak peek at what we’re launching in May!

April Updates:

1. Resend Booking Confirmation Easily:

Upon popular request, we’ve added a “Resend Notification” button. Now, you can resend booking confirmation notifications to your clients with just a simple click, enhancing communication and convenience.

2. Enhanced Membership Visibility:

We’ve improved how membership benefits are displayed on the client website. Now, the services included in each membership are clearly listed on the memberships page, similar to how package details are displayed.

3. WordPress Plugin Launch:

Exciting news for WordPress users! Our new integration is now approved and available. You can easily add booking options to your WordPress websites, seamlessly extending your reach and functionality.

4. Improved Management of Coupons & Gift Cards:

We’ve added tabs in the gift cards and coupons management section, allowing you to filter and view either gift cards or coupons separately, streamlining the management process.

5. Venmo Button for PayPal:

For our users in the USA, we’ve added a “Venmo” payment option to the PayPal payment processor, providing more ways for your clients to pay conveniently.

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Coming in May:

1. “Next Available” Button for Modern Calendar Layout:

We’re introducing a “Next Available” button in the modern timeline layout to make it easier for your clients to find the next available booking date. 

2. Log of Support Actions Inside Company Account:

To enhance transparency and trust, we will log all actions performed by agents when they access a user’s account through the super-admin interface, including viewing, changing, and saving. 

3. Further Zapier Integration:

We have had Zapier integration for years but now we are adding three payment-related and three invoice-related triggers, offering extensive data points that can be used for various integrations.


These new features and upcoming additions are part of our commitment to making SimplyBook.me the most user-friendly and comprehensive booking solution available. We hope you find these updates beneficial and look forward to bringing you even more enhancements in the future.

Thank you for choosing SimplyBook.me. We’re excited to help you streamline your booking processes and grow your business!

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