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Localize – Custom Language Translations to Suit Your Markets

Amie Parnaby
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Localize - Custom translations

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If you have ever had to display your website in multiple languages, you know that sometimes the simple option isn’t always the best. It’s not uncommon for websites to show in a variety of languages, and some businesses are legally required to display their websites in multiple languages. In countries like Canada that have more than one official language, you need to be accurate with your translations.

There are three ways that you can go about ensuring you have translations that are appropriate for the population that will need it: 

You could try for perfection, and employ a team of multi-lingual translators who will remain on staff for every correction or update you need to make in every language – Not practical or financially viable.

Perhaps you could use Google Translate and hope for the best – Let’s cross our fingers and hope that there are no offensively erroneous translations in there – That would not be professional.

Alternatively, there is Localize. A balance of affordability, accuracy and flexibility.

Why is Localize better than Google Translate?

Localize indeed uses machine translation in much the same way as Google. I won’t deny that Google translate does a good job, overall. Yes, it struggles with some languages – mostly with non-roman character languages – but overall it does okay. Okay isn’t always good enough, especially where official documents, legal terms and conditions, and important information are involved. 

However, while Google translates, it won’t let you make corrections. It’s their way or nothing, despite differences in language use across the globe. Differences in Portuguese spoken in Portugal and Brazil, Spanish in Spain and Mexico, Argentina & Chile, and even the difference between Greek in Greece and Cyprus; all require some alteration to fit the specific market. Localize will let you do that. 

When you need to have control of your custom translations

When you need to set language to a specific locality, you need software that can translate accurately, and allow you to adjust manually when words and phrases dave no direct translation. Some phrases you may not want to convert at all. 

Canada is a perfect example. Whereas French spoken in France employs a significant number of loan words from English, Canadian francophones demand a more pure French. When Google Translate uses loan words, literal translations of sayings or absurd suggestions for standard abbreviations, you might need Localize to make your website accurate and appropriate to your client languages.

Give it a try…

It’s not often that we promote third-party software that costs; however, we think that Localize is a specialist tool that fulfils a particular need. High-quality products cost money, we can’t do anything about that, but we do believe that Localize is an excellent quality translation tool.

You don’t need to worry about the cost right away; the 14-day free trial will give you enough time to decide if it fits your requirements.

In hundreds of cities across the world, diverse populations are speaking a dozen or more languages. And tourist hotspots try to cater to the clients they can attract. Right here, in Cyprus, you’ll find business websites providing to Greek, Turkish, English, Russian and even Mandarin-speaking people. 

There is nothing wrong with using Google Translate to reach a broader audience. We offer it with confidence as a custom feature. Include speakers of other languages in your marketing profiles, and make life a little bit easier for those who might not read a second or third language as well as they speak it. You don’t need to be perfect. However, when you do need to be accurate, clear, and have a legal responsibility to do so, going that little bit farther to ensure you have things correct is the better option.

Another thing that we love about the Localize software, their documentation is impressive and extremely easy to follow.

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