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April Newsletter: Duplicate Services Released

Ingvar Gudmundsson
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April is usually a very busy time for us and we hope you had a busy month (with lots of bookings) as well. Although the most exciting releases are still coming up, we managed to make small, but significant updates to improve your SimplyBook.me experience.

What’s New

Duplicate Services

The biggest update we had this month is the duplicate feature. You are now able to duplicate and then adjust services, which will surely save you a lot of time!

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Client Notification Enhancements

You’ll now find a couple of small enhancements in the client notification workflow:

  • Your clients get notified if their booking was not successful because of payment issues
  • Clients can unsubscribe from your messages


Admin Interface enhancements

The admin interface has also been improved and you can now:

  • Delete recent images from the image dialog
  • Delete a batch of bookings (for group bookings)
  • Filter by booking code in the main calendar


There are a few exciting updates coming which we are all looking forward to seeing in the next months!

New themes

Very soon, you’ll find TWO new inspiring themes to choose from.

new theme

New custom features interface

The new custom feature page will make it easier to search and pick from over 50 custom features. You’ll also be able to edit settings directly on the same page.

New Zapier integration

The new integration will have a more appealing interface, better synchronization, and more events.

Driving school directory 

We’re creating a brand new directory for all our driving instructor and driving school clients.  For all driving instructors & schools using SimplyBook.me, their business profile will automatically be submitted to the new Driving.page including the business description and uploaded images. The new directory will then enable driving students to search for local driving instructors, by various filters and images, and BUY and BOOK their lessons directly through the platform. 

This new directory will help our driving instructors to be more present online and hence reach new potential driving students.
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