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Enterprise Case Study: Empowering the NHS Trust with Seamless Online Bookings

At, we take pride in providing a powerful online booking system for enterprises that help businesses streamline their operations and enhance customer experience. What differentiates the enterprise solution from the SMB solution is that with the enterprise solution a Headquarter overview is provided whereby multiple subsystems (locations) can be managed. In the Headquarter overview, […]

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Enterprise Solution Uses: How some of our clients use it

Sometimes it’s easy to ask a client to share their experience and feedback for the promise of exposure. However, most of our enterprise clients don’t need that kind of exposure, and neither do they want it. So it puts us in something of a bind when trying to illustrate how our enterprise solution works to […]

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Enterprise Cluster Solution

Enterprise Cluster Solution from [VIDEO]

Your reasons for needing an enterprise scheduling solution vary, you could need more locations, isolated systems, the list goes on. I delve a little deeper into that in this article on Why Businesses Choose Enterprise Scheduling Solutions. It doesn’t matter why you need an enterprise solution to your company-wide scheduling; the recently released Enterprise Cluster Solution […]

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6 Reasons Why Companies Choose Enterprise Scheduling Solutions

There are no two businesses that follow the same path to growth. Consequently, there is no single solution that encompasses what every company needs for its expansion. When you’ve exhausted your resources, you look around for something new, or you switch up to the Enterprise solution. In most cases, the Enterprise solution is the best […]

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Why Companies switch to Enterprise Scheduling Software

Most enterprises still have a form on their website where they ask clients to leave their contact details. Clients then have to wait until they are contacted and before they can the details of the appointment. This creates a lot of tedious back and forth messaging between the business consultant and client. What’s worse is that […]

Ingvar Gudmundsson