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How to Build a High Ticket Sales Funnel with Online Scheduling

How to Build a High-Ticket Sales Funnel with Online Scheduling

If you are in business and selling high-ticket products, you need to have systematic sales funnels to drive target customers to your company and get them to build trust with you as you convert them into customers.  Here is a simple selling strategy for a high-ticket product, assuming the product sells at $1000 each. Source: […]

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Black Friday Marketing

10 Black Friday Marketing Tips For a Booming Event.

Black Friday is the day everyone loves and loves to hate. In the past, it was the perfect sales drive for the pre-Christmas gift grab in physical retail stores. However, now it has grown to encompass online stores and services. Check out your local gym if you don’t believe me. That’s one service that has […]

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Entrepreneurs day

It’s Entrepreneurs’ Day – Interview with Ingvar Gudmundsson and Rut Steinsen – Founder and CEO of

Today, we celebrate those with an entrepreneurial spirit – successful or not. It’s Entrepreneur’s Day, so we are interviewing our closest entrepreneurs, our founder, Ingvar Gudmundsson, and our CEO, Rut Steinsen. The Story of is freely available on our website, but we (make that “I”) thought it was a great time to find out […]

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7 Key Email Newsletter Metrics You Should Track & How to Fix Them

7 Key Email Newsletter Metrics You Should Track & How to Fix Them

Newsletters form an integral part of most email marketing campaigns. They have phenomenal reach and have been known to drive engagement and conversions, making them a highly effective one-on-one form of communication. But do you know what seals the deal in their favor? It’s the data they generate. Data is what makes every marketer’s world […]

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Marketing tips for generating trust

8 Marketing Tips for Generating Trust with Your Audience

When deciding what marketing strategies to employ, most business owners focus on going after measurable outcomes that deliver benefits within a short timeframe. But the thing is, tangible results aren’t the only ones that matter when aiming to build up a strong brand. Sometimes, putting time and effort into producing something more abstract can deliver […]

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planning a spectacular halloween event

How to Plan a Halloween Event – Make it Spooktacular!

It’s coming up to that time of year when celebrations are all about events and fun times. And the first one on most of our calendars is Halloween. If you want to know how to plan a Halloween event that won’t bankrupt you and will get you noticed, keep reading! Halloween isn’t for everyone, but […]

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what is price elasticity?

What Is Price Elasticity And How This Determines Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy has many moving parts that define it – your business goals, alignment to those goals, messaging, and promotional channels. A few elements can substantially impact your strategies: messaging, price, and competition. While messaging can be tweaked for more meaningful impact, competition isn’t in your control. What can be controlled is the price. […]

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long-lasting client relationships

Long-lasting Client Relationships – How to create profitable connections with your clients

Many components contribute to the success of a business, but none more so than clients. There is no business without clients! Consequently, client relationships become the most important relationship you can cultivate. Why are client relationships so important? If you genuinely need to know why client relationships are essential, we need to talk about the […]

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How to Encourage Your Clients to Leave Positive Reviews

How to Encourage Your Clients to Leave Positive Reviews

The power of positive reviews from third parties is undeniable. People depend more or less on others’ experiences when deciding on a purchase. This could be either by asking friends or families or searching online for reviews.  Online reviews have turned out to be very influential in persuading purchases. This is true not only for […]

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Instagram SEO for increased business visibility on Instagram. SMS marketing

Email vs SMS marketing: Which is a More Effective Marketing Channel?

Email marketing is one of the well-known digital marketing channels that businesses use to generate leads with the aim of converting them to sales. But the increase in the use of mobile phones has made SMS marketing an alternative worth giving a try.  The cost of acquiring a lead is becoming expensive, and marketers are […]

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Time to think for Marketers by Madhav Bhandari

Time to think – Why marketers need to schedule “Big-picture” time

The most significant problem for marketers is the lack of time to think. We’re busy with so many things we need to do, from attending meetings to setting up next month’s content calendar or brainstorming with our team. After that, there’s not much time left to sit back and just think about what we can […]

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