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Why is the Best Scheduling Management Platform for your Beauty and Wellness Business

scheduling management platform -, the best option for beauty and wellness

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If you run a beauty business, spa, salon or wellness centre, the chances are that you need to maintain a comprehensive schedule for yourself and your staff. As well as keeping up a detailed availability schedule, you also have all the business management details to control. So whether you like to maintain a personal touch or not, you need a comprehensive scheduling management platform to help you stay on top of your game.

Why is the best option for a scheduling management platform? Let’s take a look.

Salons, Spas and Beautifying Body & Soul

While one person alone could use a scheduling system to minimise time spent booking appointments and managing the day to day, adding more staff members makes it significantly more important to have an effective scheduling management system.

Splitting time, resources, and appropriate space between various therapies and treatments becomes more time-consuming and complex the more services and people providing them.

It’s not simply a case of everyone maintaining their own calendar; on the contrary, it requires cooperation, integration, and a comprehensive solution to sharing the salon or spa’s resources. Moreover, it requires a central hub to keep track of paying customers, client lists, revenues, popular treatments, and much more. – A business Management Solution.

There are so many booking solutions on the market that it can be thoroughly confusing and time-consuming to research them all and find the right one to fit your business. However, is more than a booking solution. 

Sure, scheduling is the heart of the system, but there is so much more to running a business than simply booking appointments. Online visibility, marketing, client management, reporting, business management, and sales are just some of the areas Simply can help you navigate your beauty and wellness business development.

Simply Booking Online

Online booking is a minimum requirement by both business management and clients. The simplicity of not dealing with missed calls and emails back and forth is appreciated by clients and professionals alike. However, you need an online presence and access for clients to make their appointments with you. 

The best idea is to ensure clients can book you where they find you. That could be Google, social media like Facebook and Instagram, your booking website,, or even a dedicated client app. All of these options are available with for effective and multichannel access to your online booking system.

Accepting Payments Online and Offline

Taking money from your clients is what will keep your business profyable, but how do you keep everything together?

Not only might you want to take full payment from your clients, but you might also want to secure revenue and reduce no shows by taking deposits on appointment confirmation.

With, you have the option of many different payment providers and gateways for online card payments. Alternatively, you have the offline options of bank transfers, in-person card transactions and cash payments. Additionally, you can integrate our point of sale with your booking system, and all transactions will collate together in your incoming payments.

Marketing and Client Communication

How do you let people know about your business without a bit of marketing? You don’t! So obviously, marketing and clients contact are essential aspects of running a business.

Part of that means making your beauty business visible on social media and search engines. However, your contact with your existing clients and how you engage with new ones is crucial.

Html emails that took professional and gorgeous, rewards for referrals, gift cards and vouchers, are all examples of making an excellent example on your current and potential clients. Mass emails to your client list are crucial, as is contacting previous users to remind them of their next due appointment – You can do it all with the scheduling management platform.

Let’s not forget that even if you want to manage an external email campaign with someone like MailChimp or SendIn Blue, Zapier is available to help you integrate client lists with your email campaign.

Business Management & Reporting Ease

How do you keep an eye on revenues, popular services, overbooked schedules and profitability of your services? Moreover, how do you ensure each service provider has easy access to their program and can manage their time efficiently?

Keeping up to date on the day to day aspects of your beauty business can mean a lot of time in front of a computer screen, but not if you have a handy admin app. You can have an overall administrator, such as your company manager. You can still give each service provider their own schedule to manage or those of their subordinates. No more mixing up appointments or allocating the wrong client to a staff member. Moreover, each person with access to the admin app can make, cancel and rearrange appointments. They can also manage clients and keep their timetables running smoothly.

Every month you can sit down and run reports. That could be on services, providers, revenue and even the times of day when you have the most appointments. Reporting is critical to ensuring that you’re running the best business for yourself and your clients. While also ensuring you are making the most of your most popular services.

Don’t Take Our Word for It!

While it sounds like we’re tooting our own horn. However, we are confident in our ability to provide the best scheduling management platform for your beauty or wellness business. You don’t have to take our word for it. We have hundreds of reviews from companies similar to yours, from around the globe, saying how perfect was for their business. Check them out on review and comparison websites like Capterra, GetApp and TrustPilot.

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