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How Does A Beauty Salon Dream Team Look In 2018?

how to fin the team for beauty salons

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2018 – what a time to be alive, am I right? Driverless cars, online shopping from the comfort of your couch and everything from a phone to a lightbulb is somehow “smart” nowadays. Machines capable of working faster and better are all we can think of right now.

Don’t believe me? Open any newspaper or media source from CNN to Buzzfeed and you will see something AI-ish on every page. Automation is everywhere and it’s only getting bigger.

We want more tech and, honestly, who can blame us?

Just look at the stats – the average hourly rate of a receptionist in a salon is around $13.That’s around $20-30K annually for something software is doing quite well even today. Automation empowers salon owners to take that money and more and invest them in where it matters.

I mean, just imagine what extra $20K in your marketing budget can do? How about distributing it among your stylists to get an edge over competitors who wish to snatch your talent for their own business?

Ok, just so we are clear – I am not saying (and I never will) that you should replace your staff with apps or robots – that won’t work. But I do say that you should integrate technology into your business model and that requires a new approach to hiring and teambuilding in a beauty salon.

So how does the new team of experts in a modern salon look like?

The heart and soul

A beauty salon always needed and always will need a core team of experts who are taking care of the client and are doing the “beauty” part. So, at any given time, your business has a need for the following experts:

The new warriors

Now it’s time to talk software and social media as the following people will be taking care of the marketing campaigns, retention of clients, data analysis, and workflow automation.

Note that many salon owners tend to take on all of these roles and it usually leads to zero results. Why?  Because despite your skills you are but only one person and the day limited to 24 hours. You can’t expect to successfully pull off the work of a whole team by yourself.

You know what they say – Jack of all trades is master of none. So let’s stick to the original plan and talk about your dream team:

Who would you add to the mix in your salon? Please share in the comments below!

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