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The 7 P’s Of A Flourishing Coaching Career

7 p's of coaching business

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Why are you in the coaching business? For the fame, the money, the chance to make people’s lives better? Given your career choice the odds are that you are in for the latter but, in reality, does it matter?

Whatever your objective may be, a full appointment book is a necessity as it will provide the funds and the experience to drive your goals onward. Your appointment book directly represents how successful your career is right now and how successful it may be in the future.

But how does one fill it with relevant and, more importantly, returning clients? For that, my friends, you have the 7 P’s of marketing.

The 7 P’s stand for People, Product, Place, Promotion, Price, Process, and Physical evidence, all of which are needed to understand the basic requirements of an effective marketing strategy, However, before covering them in more detail I have to ensure that you understand where your coaching business stands right now.

How good is your coaching business today?

Now that’s one tricky question, is it not? The part that makes it so hard is the fact that you can’t answer it. What you can do, however, is ask more questions.

Hold the horses though! Don’t ask yourself whether you are a good coach or whether you are helping people. I am pretty sure that the answer to both of them is a stunning ‘yes’ but those are not the questions I was going for. They are the questions of doubt and have no effect on the business aspect of your work so it’s best if you forget about them immediately.  

What you should ask yourself are the following questions:

Answer all of these questions and I am sure you will know where your business stands today. Don’t worry if the results are not to your liking as the questions were a mere exercise designed to visualize your strong sides and weak points better. The future of your career is still in your hands!

The P’s in detail

Now that we have our ground covered the time has come to learn about the 7 P’s.

As you can see, all of the P’s are interconnected like, for instance, the promotion that involves an understanding of people, a great place and attention to physical evidence. This is what makes them so confusing and yet, for those breaking them up one by one and solving the challenges each p brings to the world of coaching is one big opportunity after another.

Better yet, you are now aware of all the pieces. All that’s left is for you is to solve the puzzle. Will you?

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