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Weirdest Hairstyles on Pinterest That Are Pretty Cool When You Think About It

crazy hair styles

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Ok, maybe sometimes I make it seem like owning a hair salon is all about business, marketing, customers and conversions but that is only because I wish for you to succeed. However, there is much more to making people happy with scissors than a pleasant, customer-specific experience.

Sometimes owning a hair salon is just beyond fun. Especially when you are asked to make one of the exploding haircuts from the awesome list below. And is there a better time to talk about it than on a Friday?

Let’s have some fun together and remember to share the most amazing works you did in your salon via the comments section!

The one with the glasses

I’ve always wanted to have eyes in the back of my head! But a mustache to go along with them?

Source: Pinterest.

The one that says “NO” to the sun itself

For the times when wearing a hat is too mainstream!

Source: Pinterest

The one with the spider

Who says that black widows are a woman’s thing? Here’s how you nail that award for the best do in a costume party!  

Source: Pinterest

The one with the gecko

Animalistic feats are apparently a thing in man’s hairstyles!

Source: Pinterest

The one where one mustache is not enough

What can be better than one mustache? Two!

Source: Pinterest

The one that holds it together

– Grab a hold of your thoughts, will you?

Say no more!

Source: Pinterest

The one with the rock-&-roll king

Who is that Elvis fellow anyway? I have new a new legend in my heart!

Source: Pinterest

The one with the holes

I never knew a hairstyle as awesome but so cheesy at the same time!

Source: Pinterest

The one to challenge the wind?

Set the sails, captain!

Source: Pinterest

The one with no clothes

Who needs a dress on a fashion show anyway?

Source: Pinterest

The artistic one

Being a man of culture takes effort and styling!

Source: Pinterest

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