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Enterprise Case Study: Empowering the NHS Trust with Seamless Online Bookings

At, we take pride in providing a powerful online booking system for enterprises that help businesses streamline their operations and enhance customer experience. What differentiates the enterprise solution from the SMB solution is that with the enterprise solution a Headquarter overview is provided whereby multiple subsystems (locations) can be managed. In the Headquarter overview, enterprises can manage payments for all subsystems, manage settings for each one and see statistics and reports for each location. At the same time, employees of each location can only see bookings and statistics for their location and not the others.

We are happy to share a success story from one of our esteemed enterprise clients, the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital (SaTH) NHS Trust in the UK. Over the past three years, they have embraced the Enterprise version of, initially adopting the system for scheduling vaccination appointments when they had 15 subsystems in place. As the COVID-19 pandemic subsided, they recognized the efficiency of online scheduling within and expanded its usage to include mask fittings and phlebotomy bookings. Today, they have a total of 8 active subsystems, all seamlessly integrated into the platform. This case study highlights the power of in enhancing operational efficiency and streamlining processes for healthcare institutions like SaTH NHS Trust.

Our NHS Account Manager at, Alex, had a quick chat with Ben Jenkins the Training Manager for the EPR Programme Team at NHS Digital Services.  This case study will explore how NHS successfully implemented and the impact it has had on their business operations and customer experience.

The Interview: Ben Jenkins

Can you please explain in short what you do within the NHS Trust?

My current role is Digital Services Training Manager, I am responsible for the training of all staff in the use of Digital systems we implement as a trust. Prior to this, my role was as Digital Services Administrator, where I was involved with a team of people building and configuring new systems to implement across the trust. I am also the Single Point of Contact for the vaccination program at SaTH.

In what ways has the NHS Trust utilized the system? Does the implementation span multiple locations, and when did you first begin using the platform?

We first began using at the start of the first lock down during the COVID19 pandemic. We worked within the Shropshire Telford and Wrekin partnership to deliver a vaccination booking system that could be used at GP level, for Care Homes, hospital staff and patients. We had a number of vaccination sites that SimplyBook was used at, including mass vaccination centres at the International Centre Telford. 

What factors led to your decision to adopt a booking system? During your evaluation process, how many different systems were considered, and how did you come across

As a result of the Government vaccination booking system not being ready, trusts were prompted to source a more local booking solution allowing patients to easily book an appointment. We worked with other trusts, for example Merseyside and Manchester. We also resourced and built an instance for more local hospital that were working in partnership with us. was recommended to us by another hospital.

How long did it take to fully implement the system within your organization?

Due to the time pressures, we were under during the pandemic it took a maximum of 4 weeks to get the system up and running at our site. When we had created one instance it was easy to replicate this at other sites. 

What have been the most significant advantages of integrating a booking system into the NHS Trust´s operations?

For us the flexibility of has been great, the way in which we have been able to configure the standard build to our individual site needs. The simplicity of allowing patients and staff a link to book a vaccination was straightforward and the flexibility to block off sessions and slots has been beneficial to us when staff have not been available at a vaccination site.

Are there any aspects of the system that you would like to modify or improve?

No, the system works well and we are very pleased with it’s functionality

Has met all your organization´s scheduling and booking requirements?

Yes, above and beyond expectation

Can you comment on the quality of service and support provided by the team since you began using the platform?

The team, particularly Alex and Ingvar have been very supportive, they attended weekly, sometimes daily calls within the division and were always very fast to respond to issues identified. So much so, that our Phlebotomy department now have a booking system for patients to book blood tests across the region. The support we have been given by Alex for this has been first class.

Do your service providers utilize the admin app from

Yes, we have a team of admin managers who now understand and utilize the core functions of

Based on your experience, would you recommend to other healthcare providers or businesses that require scheduling and booking solutions for their clients or patients?

Yes, I would undoubtedly recommend using to other organisations and smaller companies alike.

Concluding Thoughts: A Grateful Note to Ben and the NHS Trust

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ben for sharing invaluable insights and answering our questions with utmost sincerity. As a team, we are honored that the NHS Trust has chosen as their trusted scheduling solution. We genuinely hope to see our partnership thrive and flourish in the future.

At, our dedicated team, led by Alex, is committed to providing exceptional support and assistance. We are always here to help you navigate your scheduling needs and ensure a seamless experience. Together, let’s continue to elevate your business operations and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Thank you once again, Ben, and the entire NHS Trust, for choosing as your preferred booking platform. We look forward to a continued journey of success and collaboration.


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