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Best WordPress Themes for E-Learning Modules

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Education has always been a business that stays evergreen around the year. You do not have to be a professor or a PhD holder to open an e-learning website, which is the best thing about e-learning. Lately, we have faced a global pandemic, which has affected every developed and developing country worldwide. Due to prolonged lockdown, many administrations have chosen digital learning as the only option available to continue children’s education. Many people have used WordPress themes to make e-learning as straightforward as possible for a simple and easy setup.

And this opened a new dimension for the e-learning business, as many people chose it as their means of education. Even religious studies have continued via digital learning, and parents have had to hire online Qaris for their children to continue their religious education.

Talking about e-learning sites brings us to WordPress themes that you must consider if you want to open an e-learning site of your own.

WordPress themes are helpful for many types of website. However, the following highly customized themes are specifically beneficial for bloggers, universities, schools, colleges, and other academic institutions to bring a digital system to their institutions and, obviously, their Learning Management System (LMS).

Online education portals should be such that they are easily accessible and useable by every student in the institutions. If a website theme cannot fulfil the primary purpose of benefitting every student, it lacks functionality.

We have designed a complete guide, and by the end of this article, you will be able to create a comprehensive and new education site of your own. We have enlisted some of the best WordPress themes, which will make your website stand out!

Top E-Learning WordPress Themes:

e-Learning WP:

e-learning WP is well-known as one of the best WordPress themes for e-learning websites. With customized LMS, this WordPress theme has some of the most outstanding qualities.

The LMS provides a complete education portal providing courses, lessons, quizzes, units, and questionnaires to students.
Usually, every university has an education portal that provides an LMS WordPress theme to students. However, if you want to sell your courses, you can add a premium option to your portal and set a premium rate.


Learn is one of the most powerful WordPress themes available for e-learning sites. It is equipped with a smart, Learning Management System and has got several additional features. It is also highly responsive to the web.

One of the salient features of Learn is that it is retina-ready, and it matters a lot when you prioritize students over everything. An in-built calendar reminds you of important (educational as well as extra-curricular) events.

Both free and premium courses, units, lessons, and questionnaires can be monitored very easily through these WordPress themes, making it a very reliable option for people starting e-learning sites.


If you are considering having a cool e-learning website, this WordPress theme might be just for you. It serves many purposes and is one of the most flexible and intuitive WordPress themes out there.

eLearn is equipped with a highly functional Unyson WordPress framework which makes this theme an entirely new and personalized theme giving users a fully customized experience.

One of the best things about eLearn is that it is accessible from all devices. Students can easily access it from laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making it an excellent user-friendly theme.

You can quickly post your video lessons, projects, practical tutorial videos explaining lessons through this theme. The theme works actively, and everything works so smoothly.


Every student loves catchy CSS animations and impressive designs. Want to build a site that impresses students and brings them to your e-learning site? SmartOWL is just the right WordPress theme for your education site.

But wait, what if the students leave the site right away if other features are not so good? There is no chance of this happening with Smart OWL. It is considered one of the best and is highly recommended for e-learning sites.

SmartOwl has flawless integration and is equipped with WooCommerce, It is also very easy to use by students of all categories. Consumers are delighted to use this theme, and the reviews and feedback about SmartOWL are very positive.
Why are so many people satisfied with this WordPress theme? There are several reasons because it has got some excellent features, including multi-page swapping, stepwise documentation, clean code, one-click importer, and the creation and management of events is easy.

Language School:

If you want to sell your lessons, tutorials, teachings, courses on your e-learning site, Language School is a WordPress theme that’s potentially perfect, just for you.

It is a theme that comes with several features making it an excellent choice for schools and teachers who want to sell their courses to students online.

Selling courses for free or at premium rates is your choice, and you can set a price for your courses, quizzes, and tutorials.

There is a separate profile for students or learners, and the managers or instructors make it comparably easy to use the theme.

And if you want to customize your site according to the reviews and demands of your students, you can easily manage it through Language School.

Eduma Education WP:

The modified Eduma Education WP is an advanced theme that combines good features from all the previous sites and compiles it under one name; Eduma Education WP.

It has all the qualities from bbPress, UI/UX, drag & drop, WooCommerce, and many more. The developers are very confident about their latest LMS plugin. Moreover, their claims about the theme tell us about its capability and competency.

Education Press:

Every university, school, and college is looking for an innovative and competent LMS. These make EducationPress stand out in the crowd because it is a fabulous choice for all education institutions.

This WordPress theme creates courses, quizzes, questionnaires, lessons, videos, and audio tutorials using the latest CoursePress Pro Plugin.

EducationPress allows students to download courses, audio and video lessons, tutorials, and other course material. All of which this theme one of the most loved WordPress themes among students.

The design of EducationPress makes it an ideal choice for both instructors and learners. Instructors can easily upload quizzes, questionnaires for students, and learners can easily access them.

Teachers can keep records of their students grades, whereas students can manage their work planner from the theme.


A WordPress theme that doesn’t depend on users’ screen size, which is also highly functional and web-responsive, is KLEO.

KLEO comes with a complete package, equipped with some awesome features such as retina-ready, Sensei Plugin, and more.

Consumers love it because they can build a community of their own through this WordPress theme. Communication between peers as well as interaction with instructors and experts is highly achievable.

Though already highly customized, this WordPress theme still allows the users to adjust preference according to their choices.

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