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April Newsletter: Medical Testing, Marketing, & More

April newsletter

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April has been an exciting and busy month for us, with new feature releases and enhancements to existing custom features that have been on our request list for a while. 

What’s more, vaccination programs worldwide are making headway into inoculating their populations. Over 2 million NHS vaccination appointments have already been booked via the platform. Whether you agree with it or not, vaccine programs are paving a path for us to get our lives and relationships back on track, families to come together again, and maybe even a holiday in our foreseeable future… fingers crossed. 

While we wait for these things to take effect, let’s see what we brought to the system in April.

What’s new in April

Let’s take a look at what we have released this month for your improved experience.

Medical Testing custom feature

Everywhere has stepped up their testing regime to ensure early detection of the COVID-19 virus and isolate those infected with the minimum opportunity for transmission. However, COVID isn’t the only reason that people have medical testing. This month’s new feature is most appropriate for the medical sector, enabling follow-up interaction with patients after medical testing.

This Medical Testing Custom Feature works as follows:

New functionality in API

If you use the API and the enterprise system, you might like to know about the new function for generating detailed booking reports. To reduce the number of API calls your system needs to make, it is possible to pull all booking details with a single call. It is also possible to use filters and returns the data in JSON format.

Marketing Suite Updates

Marketing your business is crucial to its success, so we want to do as much as possible to help you with that process. New additions to the Marketing suite are as follows:

Enhancements to the Client Booking Calendar

While not extremely common, we know that some of our clients have services that extend beyond midnight. Previously, it has not been possible to extend buffer time beyond working hours, nor has it been easy to configure the related resources feature to accommodate bookings beyond midnight. It’s been fixed!

Small Booking Page Enhancement

A slight enhancement to the booking site home page will be the sign-up link. Another request from our fabulous users – if anyone knows how to make the experience better, it’s the people who use it.

Previously, we have always displayed the sign-up or login link at the end of the booking process. However, sometimes it would be better for clients to log in first before browsing or making a booking or purchase. Some examples might be for services and products only available to those with a login, membership, or booking history. Additionally, it helps out the business if they have sign-up information and the client fails to follow through on their booking. It’s great for retargeting and email marketing.

Coming up in May & Beyond

And now, let’s see what we have on the schedule for May. Okay, we know it doesn’t always happen, but you’d rather we got rid of all the bugs before landing you with a sub-standard feature that doesn’t work correctly.

Enterprise Users! Some significant updates to your systems 

Monthly Invoicing

For your convenience and comprehensive payment process, we will only invoice for your cluster once on the 1st of the month. Enterprise clients can make additional purchases in his cluster during the whole month, such as extra subscriptions, SMS, or iBOB credits. The information is checked and verified by your cluster account manager, and you can start using the purchased options. You will only pay for those options on your next monthly invoice. On the 1st of the month, we will generate an invoice, and it will require payment within five days. 

Improved Reporting Functionality

We’re updating the report export process to make it more functional. Some reports hold a lot of data and can take some time to compile, so we’ll show notifications when export is in progress and then send a message when the export is complete – no more waiting around for the report to finish. We will also send a download link to the exported data. We’re are also adding the option to export to CSV (comma separated values) format.

Custom Email Custom Feature

It’s been a common request for an easy and functional way to create beautiful Html email templates for mass mailing to clients. Well, good news! It’s in development right now.

Coming soon, a new way to create your emails to clients with simple Drag & Drop functionality to design mobile-optimised responsive emails. This integration will allow users to customise their company emails (reminders, notifications etc.). We have already created several predefined email templates for starters, and more will be ready soon. 

It’s in another round of testing right now to iron out some wrinkles, but as soon as we can, we’ll get you some gorgeous mailing templates.

Security enhancements

Yes, we are still going on about security – it’s an ongoing and constantly changing process.

Every few years, OWASP revises its list of the top 10 web application security vulnerabilities. Their list includes the OWASP top ten threats and the potential impact of each exposure, and how to avoid them. Check out the most recent one here.

Just in case you missed it…

We’ve had some inspiring topics covered this month by our guests on business development,marketing , or how to improve your business. Our most recent guest post from Sumit Gupta at Deploy Yourself had some clear insights into what makes a good coach. Perhaps there is something you might need to work on to improve your services? In the same vein as coaching and training, Arslan Haider from MediaHicon shared some of the best WordPress themes for online e-learning modules. 

For improved marketing processes, you might want to know how often to post on Facebook, above some of the other social media platforms – they all have different optimal posting schedules. Alternatively, you might want to step up your client reengagement with a targeted email approach. One of our regular guest posters from Ring Central had some information about using chatbots to improve lead conversion rates. There’s a lot of helpful information. For those of you in the beauty business, Anand Srinivasan gave us some fantastic and informative resources for creating an inbound marketing funnel for your salon

Did you know that having an effective loyalty system is a massive draw when it comes to attracting new clients? Maybe it’s time to start your loyalty program

In response to the more newsworthy data breaches in the news recently, we thought it would be good to address them. Within the system, there are several methods for maintaining data protection and cybersecurity. However, one that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the password security tools. That’s why we have both a video and a supporting article. We also have a comprehensive guide to cybersecurity for small businesses. They are as vulnerable to a data breach as large companies, with far fewer resources and far more severe consequences.

There are a few trends that you might want to keep an eye on for the future. “X by appointment” became necessary throughout the pandemic, but some industries will be taking it beyond the recovery period. The clients have come to expect and demand the new provision. One such industry is finance and making an online booking for your banking needs. You might want to stay tuned for how appointment booking will impact other industries not traditionally needing a scheduled visit. The next one will be retail, and it’s so much more than social distancing.

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