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How to Use Live Video Streaming for Online Marketing

Live vide streaming for online marketing

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Live Video streaming became ridiculously popular in 2020, and that trend will continue throughout 2021 and beyond. It might seem a little scary to start with, but it is worth exploring for the potential benefits of increased reach and authenticity.

Online Marketing:

Today, online marketing is taking over the digital business world. There are so many concepts and trends constantly evolving around digital marketing that it takes a lot of planning from the marketer to implement just the right strategies.

A home store selling titan 440 repacking kits might use entirely different marketing strategies than a store selling iPhone and Samsung tech products. No matter your marketing budget, two different companies can spend it in entirely different ways and wholly diverse strategies.

As a customer surfing the web, you might have noticed a significant rise in video content marketing all around you. Why is that? It’s because the generations today of Millennial and Gen z are more attracted towards video, and engage with it a lot more than any other content. Some might argue that it’s because younger generations have a shorter attention span. Others would say it’s because video content and live video streaming are more direct and authentic.

Video Content Marketing:

In 2016 live video streaming became another of those techniques that became insanely popular and took over the social media platforms. Still, video marketing was all the rage in the year 2020 and is continuing to be so in the year 2021. You might see many video ads and campaigns going on. 

Have you seen the number of blogs, tutorials, and various other marketing clips on YouTube increasing day by day? How many YouTube channels gained so much popularity by just doing food or destination reviews?

Live video content has appeal and attracts a lot of customers. Why? Because of its LIVE. Live video streaming makes many customers believe that it is authentic and exciting.

This article will further tell you how crucial live streaming videos are, some examples of live videos, and last, a few tips and tricks for successful live video streaming.

The Importance of Live Streaming Videos:

Let us be real; today, people are more likely to watch a video than read a 1000-word blog or article. Year after year, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of video content data consumed and viewed by customers has increased twofold.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Videos

How did the live streaming of videos become so important all of a sudden? The first reason is self-explanatory, the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic made everyone sit at home and maintain social distancing. The closing down of restaurants and social hangout places was just the right push for people to become glued to their phones. The only form of contact people had was through their phones and the internet. This is why the amount of video content increased. Sitting at home, people started their food blogs, tutorial videos, and whatnot, etc. It became an entertainment source to make videos and enjoyable to watch them as well—a win-win for the digital content industry.

Accessibility and Brand Image

Why else did live streaming become so popular and influential in recent years? Other than the pandemic playing a significant role, of course. Another fundamental reason is accessibility. Today customers like to know, every little detail about your product, and not just your product but also about your company and you as well.

This generation is very big on doing its due diligence of research and gathering data. Given that a lot of information is available online anyway, it’s not that hard for your customers to find about you and your company as well. The live streaming videos thereby help the interested customers satisfy their thirst for knowledge before spending money on your product. 

A few other factors that have played a considerable role in the demand for live streaming videos are as follows.

Other Factors that made video content all the rage:

Benefits of Live Streaming Videos:

Now that you know the importance of live streaming videos, you can now probably make sense of all the benefits these videos can provide for you. These benefits will work out for increasing the productivity of your business.

Go through our list of benefits of live video streaming videos below:

Examples of a few Live Streaming Videos


Lives Streaming videos can do wonders for your business. The key is to do it as effectively as you can. Find an employee who is good with such sessions. Video content has become an entire industry, and you can hire professionals to take care of everything for you.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social media channel; live video streaming is available on all the major platforms. So make the most of it, if you have not done it already! This article is all you need to make your first live video, so you are all set.

Tips and Tricks for Live Streaming Videos:

Guest Author Bio: Sheikh Adil

Sheikh Adil is a keynote speaker on social media strategy, LinkedIn marketing & social media marketing trainer. Sheikh Adil is MediaHicon digital marketing author and SEO consultant for global organizations.

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