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Connecting with Facebook and Instagram with your account [VIDEO]

Facebook and Instagram Buttons

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Now that you can implement online booking with a account, it’s time to extend your online reach by connecting that account with Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook & Instagram for Business

Connecting your scheduling system with Facebook and Instagram won’t work unless you have dedicated business pages for both platforms.

For Facebook accounts, it is a relatively straightforward process to create a professional page for your business. If you would like some help in creating a fabulous and engaging business page on Facebook, check out this article from Buffer

If you want to add a booking button to your Instagram profile too, you will need to create and link a business account there also. Be aware that you cannot connect to the system with a personal Instagram account. Even if you want to keep the access to images you have posted and the followers you have, it is a simple matter of converting your personal profile to a business one. You can get the details here for making that conversion.

When you switch your Instagram account to a professional business account, you also have the option to link it with an associated Facebook page too.

Facebook & Instagram Marketing 

In some respects, it’s easy enough to say that increasing your reach through social media is an excellent marketing step. You don’t need us to tell you the benefits of a social media strategy; you already know. If you don’t already know, we have covered it in a previous article.

If you have got this far in wanting to expand your reach across social media channels, you know that Facebook & Instagram provide a massive data pool of potential clients. You may already use Facebook ads, maybe even using retargeting techniques, but we all know that asking clients to click through too many screens is counter-productive.

Minimising the number of screens that a client has to navigate is a masterstroke in gaining trust and engagement. While Facebook ad marketing is beneficial and is capable of being targeted and retargeted in many different ways, however, if you don’t give your potential client clear access to your booking channels, they will lose interest in the journey.

With both booking buttons on Facebook and Instagram, you cut short the process of navigating to your booking function, so that your interested future clients haven’t lost their enthusiasm by the time they can book a service with you.

Social Proof with a Booking Button

When you post on Instagram or Facebook, whether that’s a text post or an image or video you encourage your followers to share. Whether your clients are sharing an excellent experience, useful information, or your picture of their new “do” when they share your posts, they spread the word. When your clients spread the good word with a booking button attached, the people that they reach are more likely to click it in pursuit of equally fantastic service.

You shouldn’t ever miss out on gaining more social proof, engaging potential clients, and making it easier for them to book with you.

Try it out and see how it affects your schedule for the better.

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