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The Grey Lab -

The Gray Lab – A Case Study in Fulfilling a Need

Some people are simply fabulous at spotting a need and fulfilling it. So we are very excited to introduce you to a client who has built a business to service the needs of their community. Moreover, they use to make the business almost self-sufficient. So we are thrilled to present a case study […]

Amie Parnaby

May 4, 2022

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Blue Spinach Sustainable Luxury Resale and Retail

Blue Spinach: Sustainable Luxury Resale and Retail by Appointment

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our clients, Blue Spinach, a luxury retail and resale specialist business based in Australia. Established in 1996 by Jane and Mark Thompson, Blue Spinach is now considered one of Australia’s foremost consignment resale agents. However, their business model enables resellers to reach significantly farther across the […]

Amie Parnaby

July 20, 2021

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Julie Clayden at Talk Swansea

Talk Swansea – Online Therapy with Julie Clayden: A Case Study

We talked to Julie Clayden this week about her practice, Talk Swansea. The physical offices are in Neath, Swansea, but for now, she’s practising online. When you can only see your clients online, it doesn’t matter where you are unless you’re in a different timezone. There’s a “Roadmap out of Lockdown” promised by the UK […]

Amie Parnaby

March 10, 2021

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Sarah Phillips, LCSW - Case Study

Sarah Phillips, Licensed Clinical Social Work & Psychotherapy: A Case Study

This week we have an interview with Sarah Phillips, a licensed clinical social worker with a psychotherapy practice in Denver, Colorado. Sarah was good enough to take some time to answer a few questions about her business and her experience setting up and using her booking website. About Sarah Phillips, LCSW Sarah’s practice is […]

Amie Parnaby

February 17, 2021

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Infinity Nails - a Case Study

Infinity Nails: A case study in manicure scheduling

This week we have an interview with one of our clients in the nail salon industry, Mr Chen of Infinity Nails Spa, Topeka. He was kind enough to give us some interesting feedback about how online appointment booking has changed and helped his business. About Infinity Nails Mr Chen has been in the nail salon […]

Amie Parnaby

December 3, 2020

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Chill Barber Salon

Chill Barber: A case study

Chill Barber is one of many stunning booking websites on the platform. We had the opportunity to ask Ali Okhovvat, the owner, a few questions about his business and experience with online scheduling, and he was kind enough to give us some interesting and valuable feedback. About Chill Barber With three locations in Austria, […]

Amie Parnaby

October 20, 2020

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Modern Music

Modern Music – Taking Music Lessons into the Future

We like to keep in touch with our clients, so when we had the opportunity to talk to Tim Bowes at Modern Music, we jumped at the chance.  Modern Music is an instrumental school that teaches guitar, drums and bass guitar. Based in Coventry, UK. Tim has been using for a while to schedule […]

Amie Parnaby

March 31, 2020

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Betina Moyal & Client

Betina Moyal talks about and Utopia

While in the UK, we talked to Betina Moyal, the owner of Utopia therapy hub. Utopia is a collective of general therapists operating in a range of specialities, which has recently expanded to include blenching therapies. Betina specialises in blemish removal, while other members of the collective offer cosmetic treatments, foot care, alternative therapies, and […]


August 27, 2019

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Green Penny, Andrew and Sam

Why Green Penny Driver Training Specialists Use

  Andrew O’Donnell and Sam Ghailan are driving training specialists. Their business, Green Penny, focuses on driving instructor development and fleet driver training. We talked to Andrew and Sam about Green Penny, and how they use to manage their business scheduling needs.   Why did you need a booking system? There are several reasons, and […]


July 30, 2019

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coach booking system

Football Coach Booking System Outwits Competition for Coach Reza

During our London visit, we met up with some of our users; one of them is Reza Henry Udwadia, a Football Coach and Performance analyst. Reza has a Bachelor’s in Football Science and a Master’s in Sports Performance Analysis and offers both group and one-on-one training sessions. Reza uses as a football coach booking system, but […]


July 23, 2019

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Kathleen Birch tells why she chose

Last month, we visited Kathleen Birch at her spacious treatment room in Chiswick, West London. Kathleen is an inspirational holistic skincare therapist with over 35 years of experience in the professional beauty industry and uses as her website and booking system provider on her salon site Tell us, why did you want an […]


July 16, 2019