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Goodbye 2020

December Newsletter & Annual Round-up – Saying Thank you and Goodbye 2020

Phew! We made it to the end of the year! If you can join us in this sigh of utter relief, then well done! 2020 has been a strange, challenging, and enlightening year of terrible losses, technological developments, and unbelievable strength. Much as we like the positives that emerged from this bizarre year, many of […]

Amie Parnaby

December 31, 2020

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the New Client App

The Client App! Your Business at Your Clients’ Fingertips [VIDEO]

Have you ever considered having a mobile app for your client contact and booking? In our last newsletter, we teased the release of our newest feature release, the client app. Now, it’s here! The mission has always been to make contact between businesses and their clients as simple as possible. Using your scheduling […]

Amie Parnaby

December 29, 2020

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Security Announcement

Some scrupulous individuals are phishing users with an email, pretending to be and driving them to a fraud site to steal their information. The fake domain: (THIS IS NOT OUR DOMAIN) The fraudulent email message is: We urge you to NOT click on links in this email and NOT visit the domain!! […]


December 24, 2020

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Business Development Trends 2021

Business Development Trends to Prepare for in 2021

Here we are at the end of 2020 – the year we all wish had been very different. However, far from being universally awful, this year has taught us some important lessons, and irrevocably altered the path of business development trends through 2021.  The people who track business development trends, usually do so in terms […]

Amie Parnaby

December 23, 2020

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Guest Post by Richard Conn

7 Advantages of Productivity Tools for Your Business

Put simply; your productivity is a measure of how efficient your processes are. This applies whether you are in manufacturing, in one of the many service sectors, or a different niche entirely. Furthermore, better productivity leads to an increase in profits, as you supply more goods or services that your customers want.  But while that […]

Richard Conn

December 22, 2020

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new gift card designs

NEW Gift Card Designs – which do you like best?

The Christmas holidays are almost upon us, and when deliveries are backed up from significantly increased online orders, a gift card might feel like an ideal solution.  However, giving a gift card for a service is a highly personal and considered gift, it should look the part. Last month we updated how gift cards work, […]

Amie Parnaby

December 10, 2020

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Infinity Nails - a Case Study

Infinity Nails: A case study in manicure scheduling

This week we have an interview with one of our clients in the nail salon industry, Mr Chen of Infinity Nails Spa, Topeka. He was kind enough to give us some interesting feedback about how online appointment booking has changed and helped his business. About Infinity Nails Mr Chen has been in the nail salon […]

Amie Parnaby

December 3, 2020

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November Newsletter

November Newsletter – Spread Some Sparkly Cheer

Hello to everyone, it’s that time of the year again. The November newsletter marks the beginning of the end of 2020 (thank goodness!). Christmas gifts and decorations dominate stores, and Santa is making his breakthrough with video calling!   It’s time to add a bit of sparkle to what has been a pretty grim year all-round. […]

Amie Parnaby

November 30, 2020

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Scheduling Santa 2020

Scheduling Santa – Shopping, Childcare, and More

This year Santa’s doing it right. No more massive queues, snaking their way around shopping centres, while parents and children stand for ages, waiting for a 60-second chat with the jolly old chap in a red suit. While we try our best to infuse Christmas 2020 with all the festive cheer and seasonal activities that […]

Amie Parnaby

November 20, 2020

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5G Use for Mental Health Treatment

5 Ways 5G Will Transform Mental Healthcare in 2021

The digital healthcare sector has massively gained recognition in the past few years, and it’s bound to scale-up in the coming years. The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of remote healthcare facilities and digitalized healthcare solutions. Given the popular demand for online counseling and therapy, the pandemic has also brought to attention the role […]

Nouman Ali

November 19, 2020

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October Newsletter: Happy Halloween

October Newsletter: Happy Halloween

October is coming to an end, which means some socially distanced spooky-times. However, there’s nothing uncanny about what we have in the October Newsletter. Development Updates for October Facebook and Instagram have required a lot of attention to rewriting native integration. We’re also giving a lot of time to our pursuit of ISO 270001 accreditation, […]

Amie Parnaby

October 30, 2020