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AI Marketing Software – 5 Tools You Should Embrace In 2023

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Artificial intelligence has brought a revolution in internet marketing. It’s spreading faster as businesses align with it to serve their customers better, boost productivity, and generate more sales. AI marketing tools spring up daily. From those you can use to create content to those you can use to automate conversation, there is an AI tool for any aspect of internet marketing. 

Research shows that the AI market is expected to hit $1.81 trillion by 2030. This is to tell you that considerable investment is being made in the AI industry. This impacts tech jobs, and businesses are leveraging it to get better. 

Interested in leveraging AI marketing tools in your business but don’t know which to give a try? 

This guide is for you because you will discover 5 AI marketing tools you should embrace in 2023 and how they can benefit your business.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer-controlled robot to think and perform tasks human beings can do. Humans create and program them to take rational actions to achieve a specific goal.

Why AI Marketing Software?

The competition in the internet marketing world is taking a new shape, and AI marketing tools offer a handful of goodies. 

We take a look at the major ones below. 

The level of your productivity is improved with AI marketing tools. If you can design 10 graphics daily, AI can efficiently do 100 in a few hours. Keep in mind that growing your revenue is a function of your productivity. 

AI marketing tools free your time to focus on other aspects of your business that need your attention. 

For example, you can use AI to offer customer support while you focus on closing juicy sales. 

User experience is more important now than ever. It’s hard to figure out what works for your customers manually. Incorporating an AI marketing tool will provide you with data-driven insights which you need to enhance customer satisfaction. 

Now let’s look at the 5 AI marketing tools you should embrace in 2023.

1. Narrato

When it comes to creating high-quality SEO content and ending writer’s block, Narrato is your to-go AI content assistant. Apart from its ability to generate content in minutes, it edits and optimizes it, so you have ready-to-use content. 

It also offers advanced features like:

Content research and suggestion: Research the topic you want to write about within your workspace to identify content gaps and relevant ideas that may interest your audience.

 Plagiarism check: Although Narrato doesn’t plagiarize, it still offers a plagiarism checker to confirm every sentence’s originality. 

 SEO content brief: If you have in-house writers you want to assign an SEO content writing task, use the content briefing feature to generate a guideline or set of requirements the content should meet.

Keyword recommendation: Get insights into keywords that influence ranking that should be in your content, plus FAQs related to your content which you should answer.

2. SendPulse AI Chatbots

Conversational marketing (aka Chatbot marketing)  is something many small and mid-sized businesses are only starting to embrace. Customers expect companies to be available right here, right now, and you can’t blame them.

 This is where AI-powered chatbot comes in.

SendPulse, a marketing automation platform on top of a chatbot builder, provides a variety of marketing channels that help businesses reach customers. Still, chatbot marketing is where SendPulse really shines.

The platform offers a chatbot builder, allowing you to design a chatbot and integrate GPT-3 technology (by OpenAI) to make it sound more human. Whether you need a chatbot for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, or Viber, it has got it covered. 

This ensures that potential customers can get responses to questions and inquiries about your business even while you sleep.

How exactly will this work?

Let’s say your business is going strong on Instagram. Your customers browse through photos of your products and read the descriptions, but they still have some questions. 

With SendPulse, you can build an Instagram chatbot, but because you can integrate ChatGPT into your chatbot, you don’t have to write long message flows. Just give instructions to your chatbot.

Sure, you can convert the chatbot into a sales channel for your business by integrating payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

A potential customer can inquire about a product. And if they show interest and ask for a link to buy, the chatbot will provide a button that allows them to pay with any of the payment methods you integrated. 

3. Mailmunch AI Subject Line Writer

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that works like a charm if you know your onions. 

You can use it to build relationships with your target audience, which paves the way for you to sell to them. It’s cost-effective when you compare it to paid advertising, and it also guarantees 42% ROI.

However, one of the challenges email marketers face is a low open rate. You can launch an email campaign, but if your subscribers don’t open it, they have denied you the opportunity to sell to them. Only an email subject line that’s on-point can boost it. Email marketing platforms like Mailmunch have introduced AI to take care of this. 

You can use the AI email subject line writer, which Mailmunch offers to generate email subject lines that will entice your subscribers to click and open the email once it lands in their inboxes.

Describe the email, enter your company or product name, choose a tone, and click generate. Within seconds, AI generates an email subject line for you.

4. Animaker Voice

Voice-over is a trend amongst video creators and marketers who want to bring their video footage to life and give personality to their messages. 

It’s common amongst YouTubers and advertisers who prefer not to show their faces while using illustrations to pass a message across to their target audience. 

Creating one is expensive because you have to hire the services of a professional voice-over artist who charges over $100 per project, depending on the accent you want. 

Thankfully, Animaker voice is here, and that is the AI voice-over tool you need to create different voice-overs as a video marketer. Whether it’s a product explainer, YouTube intro, or TikTok voice-over videos, it has a suitable voice. 

You don’t have to break the bank again to hire voice-over artists; its features stand out from other AI voice-over tools.

For example, the human-like voice, which doesn’t sound robotic, grabs your audience’s attention and makes it feel like they are having a one-on-one conversation with you. 

You can turn text into voice-over in 200+ voices and 50 languages. Be it a female British, male American, or Spanish female voice, Animaker voice got you covered. 

5. Brandcrowd AI Design Maker

There is no aspect of internet marketing that doesn’t need graphics design to fine-tune your content and make it appeal to your audience. 

Whether you want to run ads on social media, publish a blog post, post content on social media, create an online course, launch email campaigns, or sell digital products, you need graphics design like logos, YouTube banners, Pinterest pins, etc.

Brandcrowd is a design maker that uses AI to generate various graphics you need for your marketing. Just tell the AI what you want it to do for you, and within minutes, you have it. 

For example, the online logo generator instantly creates incredible logos for your business.

 Enter your business name and keywords related to it, and watch the AI create a logo for you. You can even edit by changing the background, adding text, and shape to get something that suits your need.

In addition, there are design templates that you can use to create Facebook and Instagram stories, email signatures, YouTube banners, and other significant designs that internet marketers often use.

A final thought on AI marketing software you should embrace 

Artificial intelligence dramatically impacts internet marketing, and businesses are taking advantage of it to grow. You will be living in the stone age and won’t compete favorably with your competitors if you look the other way. 

I’ve shown you 5 AI marketing tools you should embrace in 2023 to scale your business:

Narrato – content creation 

SendPulse AI Chatbots – conversation automation 

Animaker voice – voice-over for video marketing 

Brandcrowd – graphics design 

Mailmunch AI subject writer – email subject lines

Conveniently, some of these AI tools have free plans and free trials which don’t require your credit card. So no excuse not to explore them and see how they can improve your online business.

About the Author

Chuks Chukwuemeka is a freelance SEO content writer & strategist who helps SaaS brands boost their rankings on search engines.

He founded Depreneurdigest, a marketing blog, and loves learning new things about SEO. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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